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 IntroductionWith an in?r???ing numb?r ?f w?m?n with amedical ??r??r, the challenges f???d by th??? w?m?n ??n be imm?n??. M?mMDmembers share their thoughts. We all want t? b? Su??r D??tor, Super Momand Super Wife which iit’? impossible t? d? it all as the case implies,m?n? ofthe w?m?n ?h??i?i?n? I know wh? have survived both marriage and training, thinkth? k??? ?r? a h?l?m?t? who understands that h? does n?t “babysit”hi? ?wn ?hildr?n, ?nd th? ?bilit? to hir? outside h?l? f?r the n??????r?drudgery ?f h?u??h?ld lif?…

. wh?n you g?t right down to it, h?w m?n? ?f our?hildr?n will n?ti?? a little du?t – or remember it when th??’v? gr?wn. Th??r??ll? ?nl? remember th?t we dropped ?v?r?thing t? giv? th?m ?ur undivid?dattention”. In ??m? in?t?n??? t?king ?n t?? mu?hunfortunately r??ult? in “burnout”. The d??ir? t? ?uitcan ?ff??t women ?t ?ll ?t?g?? ?f th?ir m?di??l ??r??r, fr?m th? ??rl??r?m?di??l days, thr?ugh medical ??h??l, r??id?n?? ?nd ?n thr?ugh?ut professionallif?. Knowing when t? ‘?uit’ a ?r?j??t, ??ur??, m?rri?g?, ??mmitm?nt, j?b ?r ??r??r,?bvi?u?l? r??uir?? careful th?ught ?nd consideration, especially wh?n ??m? women?r? ??t t? ??n?id?r themselves failures b? ‘giving u?’. Sometimes it h?l?? t???? n? t? ‘smaller’ ??n??rn? ?r commitments adding unn??????r? ?tr???, l??vingtim? t? focus ?n th? bigg?r i??u??.

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A diffi?ult, ??t w?rthwhil? ?kill i?kn?wing wh?n ?nd how t? ??? n?. Di??u??ing i??u?? t? fri?nd?, ??ll??gu?? orf?mil? ?ft?n h?l??. P?rt-tim? work Going ??rt-tim? allows w?m?n physicians t?spend m?r? time with family.

“Fir?t ?f ?ll, m??t w?m?n leaving residencyare already with a young family or soon t? ?t?rt ?n?… M? ??di?tri?i?n w?m?nfri?nd? f?und themselves taking ??rt-tim? schedules ?nd b???ming second ?l???citizens in their practice. Al??, ??rt-tim? usually means part-time ??? withm?r? th?n part-time w?rk. A l?t of w?m?n I kn?w wh? g? int? a ?r??ti????rt-tim? in ?rd?r t? b? th?r? for th?ir f?mil? ?nd up n?v?r becoming apartner, ?nd th?r?f?r? h?v? n? ???urit? ?nd little decision m?king ??w?r ?b?ut,n?t only their h?ur?, but th?ir ?r??ti?? ?? w?ll.

a ??di?tri?i?n ?nd m?th?r ?f three,d?v?l???d h?r own ??luti?n t? this problem by starting h?r ?wn ?r??ti??.”Being in ?riv?t? ?r??ti?? f?r 10 ???r?, I ?tr?ngl? ?ugg??t taking th??xtr? ?ff?rt to start ??ur own private practice if ??ur specialty ?ll?w?, ?ndyou will giv? yourself a wh?l? l?t ?f fl?xibilit?. I ?t?rt?d w?rking for ?th?r?r??ti??? ?nd found that you ?r? f??ling guilty about g?tting ?r?gn?nt, ?nd no?n? will give ??u a m?mm? ??h?dul? ?x???t ??ur??lf”. H?w did ?h? do it? “I j?in?d anotherwoman t? build ?ur ?wn ?r??ti??. Gr?nt?d, w? did n?t t?k? a ??l?r? f?r sixmonths, however, w? quickly become well kn?wn and within thr?? years I h?v?thr?? m?r? doctors working f?r m?, ?nd I w?rk 16 hour as a w??k.

I make theschedule with a lot ?f 10?m-3?m ?hift? and I t?k? 6 w??k? v???ti?n. Best ?f?ll, I make about $175,000 a year. I ??n’t ??k f?r more th?n th?t”. L??? P?? Th?r? ?r? many f??t?r? that ??ntribut? to aw?m?n physician earning l??? ??? th?n her tru? ??t?nti?l. “Professionally,?in?? m??t of u? ?till take ?n th? bulk ?f responsibility at home, we m?? h?v?a r?du??d ??l?r? f?r ???ing fewer patients (wh?th?r ?r n?t we ???nd m?r? tim?with ???h individu?l patient) ?nd th?t, not th? typical male/female ??l?r?di??r???n?? i? ?n issue – m??t ?f us trul? have ??l?ri?? th?t ?r? ?r?du?tivit?based. If w? ?h???? t? b? on multi?l? h???it?l ??mmitt??? so that we ??n m?v?up the ?dmini?tr?tiv? l?dd?r, most ?f th??? ?r? ?l?? n?t r?imbur??d ?? ??u l???even m?r? family tim? – all a ?r?bl?m during th? tim? we’re raising ourchildren. These have been One ?f the  bigg??t ??n??rn? ?b?ut medicine h?? b??n th??hrinking reimbursement. I know it i? not ??liti??ll? ??rr??t t? think ?b?utthing? like thi?, but it is a practicality.

I ?m a ?urg??n. I have n?ti??d m?n?m?r? w?m?n g?ing int? medicine and ?urg?r?. While thi? i? a gr??t tr?nd, Ithink w? ?h?uld ??n?id?r why thi? might b?. Hi?t?ri??ll? in thi? ??untr?, ??th? ?v?r?g? pay ?f a ??rti?ul?r ?r?f???i?n d??r?????, more women ?r? either?n??ur?g?d t? ?r tend t? g? int? it ?nd now m?di?in?.

W? will h?v? 50% ?f th?physicians in the country being f?m?l? in th? n?xt 20 years, but w? will w?rkharder ?nd m?k? much l??? m?n?? than wh?n th? m?j?rit? of physicians w?r? male.In addition, that whi?h we women t?nd t? do b??t ?u?h as ???nding tim? withpeople, d??ling with social i??u??, b?ing ?n advocate affords littl? to n?r?mun?r?ti? be a female medical specialist has not been easty to takes so many things ,I might even say it takes most of ourtime,because we care less as a woman for our family  .

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