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Introduction            Dentistry is defined as the practiceof diagnosing and treating diseases of the gums and teeth while also helping toclean, extract, fix, and replace teeth.

There are many different types ofdentists. Some dentists focus purely on children, these are pediatric dentists,others focus purely on adults, and some even focus on both adults and children.From this, dentists can also decide whether they want to perform surgeries ornot. Some are comfortable and trained enough to do surgeries of all kinds,while others have the choice of sending a patient elsewhere to get the surgerydone.            This career field attracted me forthis project because I wanted to know more about it. I plan on being a dentalhygienist, so I figured knowing more about dentistry would help. I have alsoalways been interested in teeth, I did not realize that this was what I wantedto do with my life until I got to college and learned about teeth in my anatomyclasses. I feel like teeth are underappreciated and I want to fix that.

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Aperson’s smile is usually the first thing noticed by other people and a goodhealthy smile makes people more confident in themselves, so I want to helppeople become more confident. Education and Professional Association            Being a dentist requires a lot ofschooling. First a student needs to complete four years as an undergraduate ata school of their choice. Most students go for a bachelor degree in biologybecause they get all of their pre-requisites out of the way with this field ofstudy.

It is advised to keep a GPA of 3.5 and higher to get into dental school.The student then has to take the DAT which is the entrance exam for dentalschool to test their knowledge and skills acquired in college. This exam scoreand their GPA are very important when it comes to getting into a good dentalschool. This is why most students study for months to get a good score on theDAT.             After all this testing, a studentmay get accepted. Dental schools usually only accept about one-hundred studentseach year, so it is very competitive. Dental school is a four year programwhich classes include chemistry, biology, radiology, periodontics, anatomy,local anesthesia, and many more.

After these four years, there is between twoand four years of residency. These years can also be taken during the schoolyear. This is to give students experience before they graduate as dentists. Somedentists even decide to continue their studies after all of this.

            A professional organization in thisfield is the American Dental Association. This organization was founded in 1859,and since then, has become the leading advocate for oral health and has over161,000 dental members from all 50 states plus some out of the United States.This has become the nation’s largest dental association and a household name ofsorts. The ADA tests products on the market and will put their seal on it if itpasses. Customers have come to trust that seal. The ADA is non-profit, all themoney they get goes to charities or to help with rescue situations like withhurricane Harvey. They provide oral health products to those in need of them.

The ADA is not run by a corporation, but rather by its members. They alsoprovide scholarships to students. Information Needs            There are many informationresources. These come in handy when it comes to learning new information orchecking the validity of something. Information resources would come in handywhen a dentist is trying to diagnose a patient and it is either something theyhave never seen before, or they are unsure of what to do. The dentists can thenlook up multiple journals or articles on the topic and properly diagnose orhelp cure the patient. They can also use these sources if they are looking upnew advancements in their field, as knowing the latest technology and practiceskeeps the dentist up to date and trusted.

            The dentist should not just look uprandom articles and go with whatever, just as they should look up specificthings they are unsure about. To do this, a dentist should ask a few questions.Some of these questions include:·      Would changing the patient’s diet help to resolve theirproblem?·      Is there a more cost effective way of fixing the problem forboth the patient and the doctor?·      Is there a better solution to their problem? This includes aremedy that is less painful or intrusive. A solution that would help to fixtheir problem rather than remove their problem.

If a dentist wants to answer these questions, they need toknow where to go and what to look for. There are multiple databases andarticles that are there to help with these questions. A good place to startwould be PubMed. All the sources in the next section have been made to helpwith situations like this. There have been years of studies and research putinto just a few sites that anyone can look up. Most of these sources are freeto use, while others would probably be good for a dentist to subscribe to for amonthly fee.       It is importantfor a dentist to keep up to date on all new information and data.

These sourcescan also help with this. If a dentist does not know the most recent technology,data, or information; they could harm their patient or not help them as much asthey can. It is the duty of the doctor to know about new information in theirfield and possibly in related fields since a lot of health information can beseem through the mouth.Information Resources            A good source of information isjournals, databases, websites, and articles. They all can be catered to aspecific topic and can come from all around the world so that information canbe shared easily. A practitioner has to know what they are looking for and hasto know when the information they are seeking is credible. Some journalexamples are:·      The Journal of OralBiology·      The Journal of DentalResearch·      The Journal ofPeriodonticsThe Journal of OralBiology (https://www.journals. is an international journal that aims to provideinformation and reviews for all things oral. Their main focus is craniofacialdevelopment and disease. They include:·      Cell and molecular biology·      Molecular genetics·      Immunology·      Pathogenesis·      Cellular microbiology·      Embryology·      Syndromology·      Forensic dentistryThey also publish reviews and articles on new methodologies.

This journal is about advancing peoples knowledge and skills. It is a veryuseful source because it is credible in that they only accept credible informationand they have a wide variety of topics so you get more bang for your buck in away. I would definitely use this source as a professional because it seems tobe very reliable and have different types of topics when it comes to oralhealth.

It is also universal, so there is new information coming in from aroundthe world. The Journal of DentalResearch (https://us.sagepub.

com/en-us/nam/journal-of-dental-research/journal201925#description) is a journal aimed at delivering new knowledge every monthso that everyone can stay on track and up-to-date. It is specifically cateredto dental and other oral practitioners. There are no other facial topics inthis journal like there was with the last. There are original research papers,reviews; there is even a meeting option in their e-supplement section in theDISCOVERY! Tab.

It seems to be a pretty useful source with a lot of informationbecause it is so narrow on what it is about. I like it because it’s not justabout diagnoses and treatments, but about people living with these problems andthose people who care about them. I believe that is how this journal differsfrom others.

The Journal ofPeriodontology Online ( dates all the way back from 1944 to now. It is alsoupdated monthly with new information. This journal is unique in that itincludes a publication on periodontal terms.

That is a very helpful tool forpeople who may not know very much about periodontology but are trying to learn.This journal also includes clinical advances, annals, and literature reviews.There is not a lot of information about this journal because it isstraightforward with what it is about. It will be very helpful in the career ofdentistry because, like the last one, it is very specific to the teeth and oralhealth.

Examples for databases include:·      PubMed Health·      Clinicaltrials.govPubMed Health (https://www.ncbi.nlm. is a database open to the public for information onprevention and treatment of diseases and conditions. This covers a wide rangeof topics, everything from cancer to my topic, dentistry. It includes more than27 million articles on medical topics. PubMed has always been my go-to when itcomes to databases because there are so many choices when it comes to topics andarticles. This has made my research much easier.       Clinicaltrials.

gov( is the second database I found. It is interesting becauseit does not just include clinical studies to look over, but also theopportunity to participate in studies.

Compared to PubMed, there are only about200,000 trails, but they are just as helpful. This would be great to be able toparticipate in studies that I might need one day.       Then there are afew websites that people in this field use and find helpful. They are:·     U.S.

National Library ofMedicine: ·     National Institute ofDental and Craniofacial Research: https://www.nidcr. ·     American MedicalAssociation: https://www.nih.

gov/ TheU.S. National Library of Medicine is a website that gives access to multipledatabases, literature, a dictionary, and much more. A list of things they haveis: Search biomedical literature, Find medical terminologies, Search NLMcollections, Read about diseases, Learn about drugs, Explore history, Find aclinical trial, Use a medical dictionary, and Find free full-text articles. Itseems pretty useful because it does allow you to have access to all differentforms of information all on one page. This could be useful if I am looking fornew sources.National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research isspecifically for the face and its components. It includes oral health, clinicaltrials, research, grants and funds, careers and training, and resources oneducation, care, and data.

Something amazing they do is distributing 75% oftheir $400 million annual budget to grantees at universities, dental schools,and medical schools in the US. They give away a majority of their budget tostudents because they know that these students are the future and will thengive back to the program in other ways. The American Medical Association is in place to help preventdiseases and improve the health of people. It is the largest biomedicalresearch agency in the world. They provide health information, grants andfunds, news and events, training and research, and different institutesinvolved with them. This website would be good to help stay on top of newevents in the science field. Stem Cell Properties ofHuman Dental Pulp Stem Cells is an article Ifound that would be of interest to dentists. The authors were trying to decideif it was possible to regrow dentin.

They used multiple strands of human dentalpulp stem cells and implanted them into mice. 2/3s of the DPSCs regeneratedwhile the other 1/3 had barely any dentin left. This is an important studybecause it can help prove if humans can regrow their own teeth. I believe inrecent years this has even been proven.

If this works, then patients do nothave to get implants and other fake teeth. They can get bad teeth pulledwithout worrying about missing teeth forever. Practice            Dentistry is one of the higherpaying jobs. On average, dentists make $159,770 per year and $76.81 per hour.

The job outlook is 17%, which is higher than the average. So this is a good jobto be looking towards getting. This is because people are realizing howimportant a healthy mouth is so they are going to the doctor more. This is alsobecause more research means that we are linking oral health to overall health.And as the population ages, they will need more dental work. http://www. has a great and detailed description of what being adentist really is. Summary            I have learned many skills in thisclass. I had no idea so many databases, websites, articles, or anything else existedwhen it came to being a dentist. I do not plan on being a dentist, but I wantto be a dental hygienist and I believe I will still be able to use all thetools I have learned here. They will make me a more knowledgeable candidate andallow me to help the dentist I will work with in the future.

Dental hygienistswork right alongside dentists and sometimes on their own with patients, so thisinformation is still very important and useful for my future. I will now beable to look up information and clinical trials for the dentist I work with andbe able to contribute important information.      ResourcesAmerican Dental Association. Retrieved December 12, 2017,from of Labor Statistics. Retrieved September 11, 2017,from https://www. Retrieved November 6, 2017, from https://clinicaltrials.

gov/ct2/homeDr. William V. Giannobile. Journal of Dental Research. Retrieved December 10, 2017. From G.

B. Proctor, S.W. Cadden. Archives of Oral Biology. Retrieved December 10, 2017. From https://www. Journal ofPeriodontology Online.

Retrieved December 10,2017. From National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.Retrieved November 6, 2017, from

htmNational Institutes of Health. Retrieved November 6, 2017,from Health.

Retrieved November 6, 2017, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.

gov/pubmedhealth/ S. Gronthos, J. Brahim, W. Li, L.W. Fisher, N. Cherman, A.

Boyde, P. DenBesten, P. Gehron Robey, S. Shi. Stem Cell Properties of HumanDental Pulp Stem Cells. August 1, 2002. Journal of Dental Research. RetrievedDecember 12, 2017.


S. National Library of Medicine. Retrieved December 12,2017. From 

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