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Introduction:I am AdnaanAshraf, a student of Computer Software Engineering in National University ofSciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, since 10th October 2016. Ihave completed my two semesters and got 3.93 CGPA out of 4.

0. Before coming toNUST, I have completed my matriculation and intermediate education fromMilitary College of Jhelum (MCJ) by securing 95.52% and 81% respectively.

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Thetransition period from adolescence to adulthood, is one of the most importantstages of life, it is important because an individual clearly begins toidentify and determine his/her future goals and plans. Clearly identifyinggoals can allow that individual to determine the behavior or objectivesnecessary to achieve those goals.I’ve known sincechildhood that I had a keen interest in computers and the innovations thatcomputers have brought in the life of mankind and with the passage of time myinterests developed in the computer science that was taught to me during early schooling.Background:I was born in acity of Pakistan named Khanewal and was shifted to Islamabad at an age of 4from where my academic career started. I have been an intelligent andhardworking student from the start. I always fetched the top positions in myclass throughout my academic career.

I have been groomed by an Army Officer asmy Father at home and the best teachers at school, they have built mypersonality and focused on character building apart from studies.Current Goals:·        Professional Software Engineer:The main goalof my life is to be a good professional software engineer. Being a SoftwareEngineer is more than just coding or programming. It is a chance to help thesociety through the power of technology. Carrying out this as a job gives softwareengineers the power to influence and enhance other people life through applicationsand programs that could help them in their daily life problems and tasks.

ComputerSoftware Engineering is an expanding occupation, that means more and morefields require this skill these days. Other than that one of the perks of thisprofession is how much money you make by applying your skills and experience onthe work field. Software Engineering is a good profession because the market isexpanding for it, it pays well, and this job can help other people and aboveall it’s a comfortable profession.

Future Goals:·        Research and Development:To take part ininnovative activities that is being carried out to develop new products andapplications to comfort the human life with the help of technology. As anengineer it’s my interest and responsibility to put my efforts, time and hardwork in developing new products and bring out innovative changes in this world.  ·        Professional Web Developer:In this era ofscience and technology, no one can deny the importance of Professional Webdevelopers. The world has become a global village and the credit goes to theseweb developers who have made this dream come true. Numerous online applicationsare being developed on daily basis that are helping people to live a better andcomfortable life.

I want to put my full effort and hard work in this field.Qualities:Moral Qualities:o  Honestyo  Loyaltyo  Honorableo  Politeo  Respectableo  Social Work§ Working with a foundation named as Sponsor ChildEducation (SCE) which is not yet registered but we are playing our part toimprove the literacy rate of Pakistan. We are aiming those unprivilegedstudents who want to get education but not have resources at primary level.Professional Qualities:o  Reliableo  Hardworkingo  Competento  Confidento  Activeo  Punctualo  Quick LearnerExperience:·        Internship at Developments in Literacy (DIL) inInformation Technology department that lasted for six weeks.·        Participated in Herman Loos Competition in 2014that was held at Srilanka as an ambassador of National Cadet Corps Pakistan.

 Strengths:·        Good at codingo  As I have studied two semesters I have a goodgrip over coding in C++, C and Java language. o  Learnt Raptor Programming and html online andhave a good command over both of them.·        Mathematicso  I have always been a brilliant student in thissubject. I have participated in International Mathematics competitions andfetched notable positions, distinctions and rewards.o  Participated in International KangarooMathematics Contest.·        Microsoft Office Specialisto  Microsoft OfficeSpecialist and gain following Certificates/Badges§ Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist 2016§ Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist 2013§ Microsoft Excel Specialist 2013§ Microsoft Word Specialist 2013o  Leading Skills§ Joint Secretary Sports Club MCS,NUST(2017-Present) § House Perfect at Military College of Jhelum(2014-2015)§ Head Boy APS (2009-2010)Sports Skills:·        Footballo  Member of University campus Football Team.o  Vice Captain of College Football Team·        Hockeyo  Member of Department Hockey Team·        Table tenniso  Member of Department Table Tennis Team·        Cricketo  Member of Department Cricket Team·        Volleyballo  Member of Department Volleyball Team·        Badmintono  Member of Department Badminton Team·        Athletics 

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