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During 1930 Germany faced world
depression and huge unemployment and poverty. German nationalism began to expand
and develop even before world war2. In 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of
Germany.  Since then he grasped every
opportunity to gain his power. Hitler used his intimidation tricks, lies and
propaganda to manipulate Germany’s government and ordinary people into Nazi
regime. At the time of ruin, depression and poverty he offered people job
opportunities, therefore people began believe in his aim of improving economic
situation and his ideology of “greater Germany”. People began to idealize
Hitler, even though his only aim and intention was to start a war.



David Crew described this period as
“politics of the full-wage pockets and Nazi economic miracle” (Crew, 1994, p. 4).  Stephan Evera argues: “if economic conditions
deteriorate, publics become more receptive to scapegoat myths, hence such myths
are more widely believed, hence war is more likely”. From my perspective, Evera
supports Crew’s idea of politics strong wages and the fact Jewish was taken as
an inferior minority. In “The Nazis told people to blame the Jews because many
Jewish citizens were still wealthy while everyone else was monetarily
suffering, using economic inequalities to agitate relations between groups” (Ghostlaw, 2008).  In fact, German people were looking for
someone to blame “many of individual people were blinded by Nationalism regime”
(Ghostlaw, 2008). They believed
Hitler does everything for them, despite of it was not true, Hitler was only
using his intimidation methods which played a key role in Hitler’s rise to
power. In August 1934 President Hindenburg died and Hitler called himself ‘Fuhrer’
and combined the post of president and Chancellor. “Hatred of the Jews was
perhaps the most sincere emotion of which he was capable” (Mandell, 1972).

“Sunny side”, Crew’s expression for
new mass consumerism determined as material benefits of industrial society, in
order to integrate German workers into Nazi system. “German workers would have
paid vacations, go on holidays or on ocean cruises sponsored by the Nazi “Strength
through joy” organization” (Crew, 1994, p. 8). He also states that foreign workers
were “racially inferior” and economy gave “Aryan’s” (German workers) a position
of privilege, because of this some German workers displayed sympathy for their
position and for suffering of foreign workers. “There rarely appeared any small
act of kindness, such as illegally passing a foreign worker piece of bread. Other
German workers flagrantly mistreated foreign workers” (Crew, 1994, p. 10). As an example we
can take Jewish nationality, Hitler used his power to make people believe Jewish
are cause of an economic depression. In 1938 were Jewish right taken away by “The
night of broken glass” and Hitler revealed his war plans. In my opinion, German
people were bullying the Jews because Nazi never revealed the truth about
concentrate camps, till 1938. Therefore, German people lived in imagination of “Greater
Germany” because they did not fully see Hitler’s intentions. People thought he
is helping to raise germens power. Gellner wrote: “Cultural boundaries are
sometimes sharp and sometimes fuzzy, the patterns are sometimes bold and simple
and sometimes tortuous and complex” (Gellner, 2006, p. 53), his citation suggests
groups are based on a mixture of loyalty and identification and of extraneous
incentives, positive or negative, on hopes and fears.  Conflicts and disagreements between Germens
and Jewish definitively increased the chance of war, it can lead to a victim mentality,
and both sides feeling aggrieved and wronged by the other (Bingham, 2012). In the other hand, this can be disputed
by academics such as Gagnon who argue “it is wrong to assume a mixing of
nationalities increased the likelihood of conflict” (Bingham, 2012).  In addition, Benedict Anderson states in can
be caused by falsity of nationality and cultural labels, in his book he argues
multiple communities may affect chance of war. (Anderson, 2006).  “Nationalist sentiments may be instilled in a
population through nationalist symbols, propaganda, emphasis on national
history, language and other methods” (Bingham, 2012). Simultaneously, the newfound
nationalism was based on the fact Jewish citizens are enemies and they are
threating this national security. As can be seen in Jewish example, ethnic or
racial stereotyping can be used to gain nationalism sense in the face of
perceived internal threat (Bingham, 2012). Germans were at
first warned and then expressly forbidden to seen with Jews in public, there
were laws against intermarriage and campaign to expropriate non Aryan property.
To quote from Stephen Evera “Nazi German nationalism was an extreme case of
minority oppressing nationalism”. Evera also claims German’s kind of
nationalism is the rarest and can be the most dangerous kind of nationalism, he
described it as “Asymmetrical nationalism-only our nationality deserves
statehood, others should be denied. The nationality is using violence to
achieve goals” (Evera, 1994, p. 13).  From my perspective, we can not say if
nationalism causes war, but it definitively has a potential being the cause especially
in case of German nationalism during WW2.



1st August 1936 Olympic
Games began in Berlin. Olympic Games were used for propaganda by Nazi, the
Nazis encouraged new view of Germany while concealing the focusing of Jews and
Roma (museum, 2018). “We need waste no
words here, Jews are Jews and there is no place for them in German sports, and
Germans have the right to do what they want in their country” (Mandell,
1972, p. 59).
Mandell also suggests it is ironical to ban Jews from games, because at first
games in Athens, two of the winning German gymnasts were Jews.



In 1938 and 1939 Hitler taken
Austria and Czechoslovakia, his power was growing. Later in 1939 Hitler invaded
Poland and the country was divided between Soviet Union and Germany. This is how
WW2 began.


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