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Recruitment can be defined as “searching for and obtaining a pool of potential candidates with the
desired knowledge, skills and experience to allow an organisation to select the
most appropriate people to fill job vacancies against defined position
descriptions and specifications” (“Recruitment and Selection,”
n.d.). Recruitment is a key value in the HR process as it allows the
organisation to have the ability of sourcing new employees which would in turn help
the organization to develop the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the
human capital present in the organization. One of the main advantages of a
quality recruitment process is the satisfaction of managers where they are
presented with capable subordinates to carry out the duties and functions of
the organisation smoothly.

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Selection on the other hand is stated “the process of choosing the most suitable candidate for the vacant
position in the organization” (“What is Selection? definition and
meaning – Business Jargons,” 2016). In other words selection is dismissing
the candidates that are not suitable and selecting the candidates that are have
the qualifications and criteria required for the jobs.

Diversity could be stated as a mixture of people from
different groups and identities that provides a wide range of skill,
capabilities, familiarity and strengths due to its similarity in age, culture,
sex, society, spiritual beliefs and norms and physical abilities and other

But in our organisation there are issues regarding the
quality and suitability of the employees that need to be addressed. There is a
shortage the expected qualities and capabilities and the actual quality and
capabilities present in the organisation. The organisation is in need of highly
trained and skilled employees to carry out the operations of the organisation.
There is a shortage of highly skilled employees in the domestic market and so
the organisation needs to move into recruiting suitable candidates from
overseas and bring them into the organisation.

This report is prepared with the intention of giving an idea
regarding the recruitment of highly skilled employees from overseas. The
advantages and disadvantages of overseas recruitment, the problems related to
such recruitment, the cost of recruitment, drawbacks are some of the few key
topics which would be analysed and explained in this report.










Global Recruitment


Integrated electronic, Inc. (IEI) is a manufacturing service
company on electronics and original design located in Colombo, Srilanka. IEI provides
services to some of the biggest electronic manufacturing companies. Through the
years IEI has progressed into an organisation that only offers the primary
manufacturing functions but also provides services in areas such as designing of
a product, prototyping, managing the supply chain and engineering.

Integrated electronic, Inc. is a Research & Development
firm which is highly reliant on new and highly advanced technological processes
to provide innovative methods for complicated situations and tasks, while
providing simpler methods to ease the workload of people while being efficient
and productive.

In order to carry out the functions of the organisations
properly it requires highly skilled employees with the necessary knowledge and
capabilities to perform the specified task. But there is a shortage of
employees with such capabilities present in the domestic market which is a
major issue for our company as it would affect our development and future plans
if we don’t take the necessary steps to find suitable candidates. The reasons
that there is a shortage of capable workers in the domestic market is that the domestic
aren’t subjected to the new and highly advanced technology around the world and
need more time and training to get to the international standards present.
Another reason being the fact that the field of Electronic Research &
Development not being a prominent field in the market when compared to other
fields such as entrepreneurship, medical field, accounting and commerce field.
However the field of Research & Development is a very recognised and
prominent field in the international and global market and there are many
highly skilled and capable candidates present.

There professional roles that we require employees for are;

Commercial research and application development

Information search

Corporate research and development

Technical service and development

(“Research & Development Careers | Dow,” n.d.)



Recruitment and selection process as stated above is finding
the right candidate with the right skills and knowledge for the right job. There
are many factors that are taken into consideration such as the objectives of
the organisation and objectives of the recruitment policy, factors that affect the
recruitment policy and process and the method that will be utilised in the
recruitment process.

When recruiting employees into the company it is necessary
to ensure that to recruit the right employees with the right intention while
adhering to the objectives stated. Some of the objectives are;

Gaining competitive advantage over competitors

Attracting top talent present in the market

Ensuring that the right person with the right
capabilities is recruited for the right job

Ensuring a proper and legal recruitment process

Ensuring that employees recruited would fit into
the culture of the organisation

Finding employees with the right mentality or
mind-set for the organisation where they are trustworthy and work towards to
the up liftment of the organisation

(Peterson, 2012) (Martin, 2011)

Factors influencing the recruitment process


There are certain changes that occur in the market and the
organisation needs to pay attention these changes and analyse how these changes
would the resources of the organisation and also to ensure that the recruitment
process is carried out in an efficient manner. (, n.d.) There are 2 types of factors that
affect the recruitment process. They are;

Internal factors

External factors

Internal factors that are associated with recruitment
process are;

Policy for recruitment

The status of the organisation

Status of the job

Size of the organisation

Future goals and objectives of the organisation

Cost associating with recruiting

The growth and expansion of the organisation

Influencing Recruitment Process | Management Study HQ,” 2016) 

factors that are associated with the recruitment process are;

and supply for jobs with specific skills

of employment

present in the labour market

legal and political situation

present in the market


 (Root III, 2011)
, Essays, UK. (November 2013).


Recruitment methods


IMI is in search of highly skilled employees to carry out
very technical tasks but unfortunately there aren’t suitable candidates present
in the domestic market. So the organisation needs to move into the
international or overseas market to find suitable candidates for the jobs
available. The following are some of the overseas recruitment methods that are
taken into consideration;

1.      Employment agencies

How do businesses and job seekers cut through the paperwork
of the hiring process? Many use a career agency to ease the process. An
employment firm is a firm employed with a company to support with its recruitment
requirements needs. Employment agencies find people to fill all types of jobs,
from non-permanent to full-time, in any amount of career fields. (JARACZ, 2010)

Competition is present in a very big manner in today’s
society and so most of the organisations tend to get the assistance from
employment agencies to support in their recruitment process. Employment agencies
would help you find candidates for any for the organisations specified terms
such as whether it’s a temporary job or permanent role, whether the organisation
requires a seasoned candidate with experience or a fresher in the
industry(Graduates), the payroll that they be offering etc.

Advantages of
employment agencies in the recruitment process  

Less time

Filling a task position is a usually a short system through
a staffing organization. You let the organisation recognize what the task
includes and what qualifications you’re seeking out in candidates. The business
enterprise pulls candidates it believes fill your need and sends them to you
for interviews. if you are running with a accountable enterprise, every
candidate you interview will have already got had a heritage and employment
reference take a look at completed and will possess the skill units you require
for the task. This saves you an extensive quantity of time, as you do no longer
ought to market it the location, weed out unqualified applicants after which do
the history and reference exams for folks that are qualified. (Webb, 2011)

Skilled candidates

Employment agencies own a pool of qualified candidates. not
only do the organizations pre-screen the candidates, however most provide
numerous assessments an applicant need to pass before employment. Those consist
of simple assessments, consisting of phrases in keeping with minute typing as
much as software program software expertise for the field, inclusive of accounting
or word processing applications. This guarantees that the applicant is capable
in your role before she begins. It also provides that you may contact the
organisation for future help. (De la
Morreaux, 2011)



Possess good
knowledge of the market

The organisation would have an excellent knowledge of the
market and candidates available for the job. They would have taken prior notice
of the available candidate and assessed them beforehand would be able to
provide information regarding the skills of the candidate, the knowledge, the
salary rate, the employability capabilities, expectations for the career etc. If
the organisation is unable to find the necessary and suitable candidates the
employment agencies would provide assistance to what should be the next step
taken help with the recruitment process. (Dinnen, 2014)

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