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1. ) What are the potential sources of the problem? It is my belief that the retreat was not successful because there was ineffective communication to the hospital administrators. The retreat should have been an opportunity to motivate the individuals that attended to make choices to increase the organizations value by impressing on everyone that the organization can become more competitive by aligning the plans, processes, decisions, reporting, people, actions, and results effectively.This would include them understanding the importance of the needed information (accurate and complete reporting) and how it would improve the security of the organization and increase the organizational value. The hospital itself is a system, a sociotechnical system that people and machines carry out specific actions that follow specific procedures and guidelines. It should be explained that top management is interested in seamless and cost effective operation of the organization.

2. ) What information would you want to analyze? The hospital information systems should fulfill the information strategies goals. These goals include avoiding the potential loss of federal grant funds and successful management practices. Hospital patient intake statistics, patient treatment, and hospital release information is important as well as the cost of various treatments, information about the quality of patient care and about hospital performance and revenue.3.

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) What actions might you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry? In order to gain a competitive edge, the quality of information management reporting and health informatics are key. Continuously checking whether the data entry information is entered accurately and whether the reporting of the information that was requested are running as planned and whether they will produce the expected results. The goals of the hospital should be supported by information technology.4.) How does your view of behavior affect how you might address this consulting assignment? My view of behavior seems to align with the “Good-Citizen Model. ” I believe that most people have a strong personal desire to do a good job and need to feel listened to and appreciated.

By first communicating the goals and objectives of the hospital to employees, then describing to them how to achieve them. Also, by the management team providing regular feedback on performance so everyone can continuously attempt to improve performance.

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