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GRC 512 Presentation Date: 2/112013 Presentation Title: The interview. The Interview is in the third Stage of the recruitment Cycle The interview consists of 2 parties: a. i. l . Interviewee – Candidate a. i. 2. Interviewer – Employer The Candidate will have to prepare for 3 stages: Stage 1: preparations before the interview When to Start What are they looking for Know the Type What they NEED Gathering Information Study the organization Get Extra info. rom Others Preparing Analyze your strengths / weakness Prepare your competencies: Adapt your skills as closely to the company’s needs as possible Prepare for the difficult questions What have you learned from your past work experiences? Mock interviews Stage 2: Things to take care while preforming the interview First Impression Matters Be before time (5 to 10 minutes) Appropriate Dress :Formal , Comfortable Be confident Show you have made effort. Emphasize the positive sides of your personality Use Power words.

Have your body language Don’t forget to be yourself, looking natural and feeling confident is your best asset Stage 3: How to close the interview How has the Job vacancy arisen? How will my performance be measured? Ask About Next Steps (Before You Leave the Interview) Send a Thank-you Note Immediately After the Interview The interviewer (The Employer) also has some preparation to do Stage 1 : preparations before the interview Prepare Interview Questions the deals with competencies information about company, Job and benefits Time Venue (Room, time, material) Introduction: Name and position – Your business card.

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Summary about the company Time available Purpose (describing aim and format of the interview) Notes (do not apologize for taking them, but mention you will do so); Questions: how and when you will deal with questions from the candidate; Ground Rules Opening Question uggested: “Tell me about the main responsibilities in your current Job. ” or “Tell me about your last semester in college. ” Conducting & Interview Questions Filling interview Forms – stay on target Control the flow by interrupting with probes when necessary.

Keeping an eye on time elapsed and time remaining. Be patient: the results will take time. Take notes Thank candidate Ask if they would like to add anything; Be truthful about the process and its time line; Encourage the candidate in his/her Job search Do not make promises you can’t keep. Resources Recruitment and selection : http://bookboon. om/en/textbooks/search/ 0637add4-03a6-49fO-98b8-9fe900d567aO Employer’s guide to Recruitment: http:// bookboon. om/en/textbooks/search/3d1 b87f6-1 ee2-49ac-9b82-a03800da6a28 Successful Interviewing: https://career. berkeley. edu/Guide/lnterviewing. pdf Sample Interview Questions: http://utsa. edu/hr/docs/interviewquestions. pdf Quick tips: The interview: http://www. careerspots. com/pdf/cs_interview_745896a. pdf Preparing for the successful JOB INTERVIEW: http://smu. edu/career/pdf/lnterviewHandout. pdf Interviewing Tips: http://www. michigan. gov/documents/interview_26251 _7. pdf

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