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Internet ?The Internet?The Internet has become very important in today?s society. The Internet connects people from around the world on a daily basis. The Internet is used for communication, trading, buying, and selling of stocks. The Internet is also vital to the advertisement industry.

The Internet has caused a revolution in the way business is conducted in the twenty-first century.Businesses all across the world are making money through trading and communicating within seconds on the web. Samuelson 68) says, ?Almost everything on it is being given away or sold at a loss?. If company?s loosing a great deal of money they would not continue to advertise on the Internet.

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The Internet helps companies, businesses, and also individuals bring in different amounts of income. Many individuals are turning to the Internet these days allowing the Internet Corporation to make billions of dollars. ?In 1999 Internet ads amounted to 1.8 billion dollars out of the total United States advertising of the 215 billion dollars,? said (Samuelson 68). Many businesses spend millions of dollars to advertise their merchandise.

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