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Interactive quizzes help learners consolidate their knowledge and assess their competence at the end of each unit.

Photocopied and customizable worksheets and handouts will enable you to support learners in the way that suits them best. Sample schemes of work will save you valuable time when planning your sessions. Authors: Kate Beth, Kathy Pullman, Penny Tattoos, Shania Forbes, Sue Griffin, Maria Robinson candidate Handbook: * November 2010 Step 4 If you still want to know more, set up a visit room one of our Sales Consultants. See page 22 for details.Authors: Sally Eaton, Elaine Blake, Lisa Stultifies, Tracy Elson Training Resource Pack: (+VAT) November 2010 Contents Level 2 Candidate Handbook step 5 Order your resources! Don’t forget to order your class sets using the enclosed order form so you can take advantage of our special discounts.

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Shared Nucleus units 1. Introduction to Communication in Children and Young People’s Settings 2. Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Children and Young People’s Settings 3. Introduction to Personal Development Core units 4. Child and young person development 5.Contribute to the support of child and young person development 6.

Safeguard the welfare of children and young people health and safety 8. 9. Support positive behavior Support positive environments for children and young people 10.

Understand partnership working in services for children and young people 1 la. Pediatric Emergency First Aid ebb. Managing Pediatric Illness and Injury 12. Maintain and support relationships with children and young people Optional units 13. Support children and young people with disabilities and SEEN 14. Support children and young people’s play and leisure 15.

Support children and young people at meal and snack times 16. Contribute to the support of children’s communication, language and literacy 17. Contribute to the support of children’s creative development Training Resource Disk Contains the following for all the above Shared Nucleus and Core units: A short introductory paragraph outlines the key aims of the unit, followed by a complete list of learning outcomes, clearly numbered, and matched to the outcomes of the specification. ‘Over to you’ activities are designed to be as practical as possible to help promote active learning.

2. 9 Support positive environments for children and young people unit 2. 9 Over to You Support positive environments for children and young people ‘Enabling Environment’ is one of the four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage.It states that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s velveteen and learning. Take some time to read the Principles into Practice Cards of the EYES guidance relating to Enabling Environments.

It will help in your exploration of this unit and enable you to understand the importance of providing a positive environment for the children in your care. If you do not have a copy your setting will. The environment you provide for young children could be in a variety of places such a children’s centre a home setting Key Term feature help to aid understanding of important concepts and theory. Day nursery a cry©ache extended care in a school or dedicated setting such as a holiday club a pre- a reception

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