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Integrative Negotiation By MGT 5193. E2 February 16, 2011 Definition of Integrative bargaining states that; it is a negotiation between the parties when the parties are not experiencing a direct conflict over an issue and they want to be benefitted from discussions(Negotiations betweena union…,n.

d. ). Integrative negotiation is a process in which the party’s goal is to develop a result which is benefitted to both of them. Integrative bargaining is also known as win-win negotiation. Integrative bargaining is an alternate strategy to the distributive negotiation.The main focus of integrative negotiation is that both parties work together to find the best possible result (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n.

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d. ). Integrative bargaining is also known as interest-based bargaining or win-win bargaining. This strategy solely focuses on creating mutually beneficial agreements based on the interests of the parties for example; needs, desires, and concerns (Spangler, 2003).

It requires from both parties to put more effort than normal to understand the desires from deal.According to negotiation analyst integrative negotiation works best when parties put their focus on the major point of the deal, instead they came up with other unimportant points which can easily be trade off as part of the negotiating process (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n. d.

). Integrative negotiation can also be very difficult to approach because requires a considerable amount of compromise on both sides. Number of persons who are not use to work together should take negotiation as a team effort instead of competition.

Integrative negotiation might seems as difficult process at first, but people who have experience with integrative negotiation find that it is a process which is beneficial for both sides (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n. d. ). In real world most negotiations work on distributive basis which means both the teams look for the deal which suits them best. But integrative negotiation takes the issue out of the table and considered the best situation for all parties concerned (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n. d.

. All the parties involved in a negotiation must make an early assessment of either integrative approach is going to be used; the other party in return should use the same approach as well. If both parties are using integrative approach then it is better for both parties as far as negotiation is concern. But for some instance if one of the parties using information to make better its own position, and are not explaining its interests fully, then it is better to use distributive bargaining approach by the other party (Honeyman, n. d.

).Integrative bargaining is useful for anyone who is involved in a negotiation. Instead if one of the parties does not want to have a mutual discovery of interest then negotiating behavior will typically result in distributive round of bargaining (Honeyman, n. d. ). The Critical Points Integrative Bargaining If someone is using Integrative strategy during negotiation they should have the proper plan and be very clear about what issue immense importance in front of him or her. During the conflict people should be separated from problem.

Both parties should look for win-win solutions.Besides that people focus should be on interest and not on positions. Also people should have different possibilities in their hand before making a final decision. It is very important for the person involved in Integrative negotiation to know his or her BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Alternative). Besides that; the person should pay a lot of attention to the flow of negotiation and to use active listening skills. Conflicting style of communication The individual with Integrating Style of communication faces conflict while engaging others in the resolution.

Integrating style approach helps the party in a conflict to find new and creative ways to solve a problem with the help of making analytical statements from other group members. It also allows the party to find out resolutions of a conflict by open communication. This integrative style also helps to keep the team’s positive relationships intact for future group interactions (In today’s world individuals in the…, n. d. ). Distributive Negotiation Vs. Integrative Negotiation There are two types of negotiations; distributive negotiation and integrative negotiation.The difference between distribution negotiation and integrative negotiation are as follows: Distributive negotiation a)Distributive negotiation is also known as, “win-lose” bargaining.

b)Distributive bargaining is a competitive negotiation strategy which is used to decide how to distribute a fixed resource for example money between two negotiators (Negotiations come in two forms…, n. d. ). c)According toRoy J.

L, David M. S, and John W. M, 1999; in distributive bargaining both parties try to get benefit as much as possible without the concern of how much other party will get. ) For example: when buyer buy a car at a price he feels is good price then he won and if he feels he paid too much for the car he loose (Negotiations come in two forms…, n. d. ). Integrative Negotiation a)Roy J. L, David M.

S, and John W. M, 1999 say that in integrative negotiation both parties try to find out solution which is beneficial for both parties. b)Integrative bargaining is considered useful because it produces more satisfactory results for the parties involved than distributive negotiation. )For Example: negotiation between employers and employees in which employer says that employees will get extra hours and they will get bonus. This is a win-win situation where employee gets extra money and employer will get increase in sales by making employees working extra (Negotiations come in two forms…, n. d. ). It is also important to note that effective negotiators should have wide array of negotiation skills that is competitive and problem-solving.

The effective negotiators then can effectively mix and match the approaches depending upon what the negotiator believes.The technique will work best with a particular negotiating partner depending on the specific issue being negotiated and negotiating relationship (While there may be some correlation… , n.

d. ). Assumptions of the Integrative Approach The assumptions of the integrative approach described as follow: •Both parties have some common interests. •Each party will find its interest under integrative negotiation. •Creativity and intelligence can overcome the issues and concerns and integrative negotiation helps us to be creative and intelligent (While there may be some… , n.

d. ). Risks of the Integrative ApproachThe integrative negotiation risks can be seen by the common sense observation. If one of the party in negotiation do not want to adapt integrative negotiation approach then the more collaborative negotiator may put themselves at risk in the following ways: •The negotiator will then un-intentionally either loose or adapt competitive position. •If the negotiator does not reach at final agreement then they might see themselves as a failure. •The negotiator during negotiation may provide some important information that cannot be change or hide again (While there may be some…

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Integrative or Interest-Based Bargaining. Retrieved

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