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Instructions to the learner It is a regulatory requirement that every assessment submission is authenticated as the work of the named learner whether submitted to the centre or the ILM Assessment Service. Therefore this cover sheet, or an alternative form of formal declaration of authenticity if a centre uses electronic systems or e-portfolios, must be completed with each assessment that is submitted. Please complete and send in with your assessment. Centre namePetr LLPCentre number041387Learner nameLearner registration numberUnit(s) covered in this submissionUnderstanding Effective Team WorkingDate and learner signatureDate and tutor signatureLearner Statement of confirmation of authenticity By the act of making this submission I am declaring that this is all my own words and that The work has not, in whole or in part, been knowingly submitted elsewhere for assessment Where the submission includes work from a previous assessment this has been identified Where materials have been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged If this statement is untrue, I acknowledge that an assessment offence has been committed Centre Statement By the act of signing this submission I am declaring that this learners submission has Been checked for plagiarism Learner has received adequate on-programme tutorial support and relevant feedback given Attention is drawn to the plagiarism, collusion and cheating policies of both the centre and of ILM. Proven incidents of plagiarism, collusion or cheating can result in a learner being withdrawn from a qualification.Permission for ILM to use this script ILM uses learners submissions on an anonymous basis for assessment standardisation. By submitting, both the centre and the learner agree that ILM may use this script on condition that identifying information is removed. However, if you are unwilling to allow ILM use this script, please refuse by ticking here Assignment Task for Unit Understanding Effective Team Working TASK The purpose of the unit is to enable you to develop an understanding of effective teams. You need to start the task by identifying the key characteristics of an effective team and the advantages of team working. You then need to explain how you create and maintain an effective team, including your reflections on your own actions. These reflections will identify some of the barriers to team working you have encountered and the effects of those barriers together with how, as part of creating and maintaining an effective team, you have or could overcome these. NOTE You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. If you are not currently working within an organisation, then you may complete this task in relation to an organisation with which you are familiar. This could include experience working in a voluntary capacity. You should plan to spend approximately 5 hours preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The nominal word count for this assignment is 1000 words the suggested range is between 800 and 1500 words. Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria. STRUCTURED ANSWER QUESTIONS Learner name Learner registration number Note In order to achieve each Learning Outcome, learners must satisfy all of the related assessment criteria by obtaining a minimum score of 50 for each criterion. The lines/box below a question is for guidance purposes only. Marks are not deducted for writing more. It is perfectly acceptable for all answers to be continued on additional forms provided they are attached to the assignment when making a submission. The availability of the form electronically allows learners to expand the lines/box as required. Understand effective working teams – This unit consists of only one learning outcome Identify the characteristics of an effective team and the advantages of working in a team (24 marks) Success in the workplace depends on your ability to build a team, as well as to interact with others on that team. Together, people are able to accomplish what one person alone can not. This is known as synergy. Following are the characteristics of a Good/Effective team A clear, elevating goalThis is a goal which has been communicated to all. A results-driven structureThe goal has been jointly decided by all the team members. They are fully committed towards achieving it. Competent membersEach team member has the required skill set in order to achieve the team objectives. Unified commitmentThere is nothing happening in silos. With the total commitment from team members, achieving organizational goals becomes easier. A collaborative climateCommitment from team members and a good leadership leads to a collaborative team with a productive work environment. Standards of excellenceQuality orientation is vital to the success of any organization. External support and recognitionAppreciation as well as appraisal is required to keep the morale of the team high. Principled leadershipLeadership defines a team. An able-bodied leadership can chart the teams path to success. Each team member participates actively and positively in meetings as well as projects. This shows a persons commitment as well as understanding towards a project. Team goals are clearly understood by allCommunication is vital for achieving successful completion of any project. Individual members have thought about creative solutions to the teams problem. Thinking out of the box is vital in todays economic scenario. Members are listened to carefully as well as given a thoughtful feedback. Listening is an important skill for any team. Each team member is important. The thoughts and ideas of each team member have to be listened to, with respect, no matter how silly they may sound at first. Everyone takes the initiative in order to get things done. There is no concept of passing the buck. This is an indication of clear communication leading to understanding of individual responsibilities. Each team member trusts the judgment of othersMutual trust and respect is highly important for the team. This is the only way to achieve the organization goals. The team has to be willing to take risksRisk taking is an attitude which comes with confidence. Confidence on yourself as well as on the team, besides the ability to face all consequences. Everyone has to be supportive of the project as well as of others. A team is one unit. Unless these cohesive forces are there, the team will never be able to work efficiently enough. There is ample communication between the team members. Team decisions are made by using organized as well as logical methods. Dissenting opinions are never ignoredIn fact, they are always recorded in order to be revisited in case the future situations dictate so. Teams are given realistic deadlinesExternal support as well as aid is vital to the success of any team. An efficient team needs support from both inside and outside. It needs to meet the individual needs of its members in order to achieve the organizations goals. Importance of Team and Team Work Teams are formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude come and work together for a common goal. Teams play a very important role in organizations as well as our personal lives. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success-Henry Ford The above proverb by Henry Ford can very well highlight the importance of working together in teams. Every employee is dependent on his fellow employees to work together and contribute efficiently to the organization. No employee can work alone he has to take the help of his colleagues to accomplish the tasks efficiently. It has been observed that the outcome comes out to be far better when employees work in a team rather than individually as every individual can contribute in his best possible way. In organizations, individuals having a similar interest and specializations come together on a common platform and form a team. A sales team has employees inclined towards branding and marketing activities to promote their brand. An individual with a human resource specialization would be out of place in such a team. Research supports that organizations with clearly defined teams are more successful as compared to those with a one man show. Team work is essential in corporates for better output and a better bonding among employees. No organization runs for charity.Targets must be met and revenues have to be generated. Tasks must not be kept pending for a long time and ought to be completed within the desired timeframe. A single brain cant always come with solutions or take decisions alone. He needs someone with whom he can discuss his ideas. In a team, every team member has an equal contribution and each team member comes out with a solution best suited to the problem. All the alternatives can be explored to come out with the best possible solution. Thoughts can be discussed among the team members and the pros and cons can be evaluated. Tasks are accomplished at a faster pace when it is done by a team rather than an individual.An individual will definitely take more time to perform if he is single handedly responsible for everything. When employees work together, they start helping each other and responsibilities are shared and thus it reduces the work load and work pressure. Every team member is assigned one or the other responsibility according to his specialization, level of interest and thus the output is much more efficient and faster. Work never suffers or takes a backseat in a team.Mike was taking care of an important client and was the only one coordinating with them. Mike took a long leave and there was no one else who could handle the client in his absence. When he joined back after a long vacation, the organization had already lost the client. Had Mike worked in a team, others could have taken the charge when he was not there. In a team, the other team members can perform and manage the work in the absence of any member and hence work is not affected much. There is always a healthy competition among the team members.Competition is always good for the employee as well as the organization as every individual feels motivated to perform better than his other team member and in a way contributing to his team and the organization. Team work is also important to improve the relations among the employees.Individuals work in close coordination with each other and thus come to know each other better. Team work also reduces the chances of unnecessary conflicts among the employees and every individual tries his level best to support his team member. The level of bonding increases as a result of team work. Team members can also gain from each other.Every individual is different and has some qualities. One can always benefit something or the other from his team members which would help him in the long run. Everyone is hungry for recognitions and praises. One feels motivated to work hard in a team and to live up to the expectations of the other members. Each member is a critic of the other and can correct him whenever the other person is wrong. One always has someone to fall back on at the time of crisis. Team and team work must be encouraged at workplace as it strengthens the bond among the employees and the targets can be met at a faster pace. Workload is shared and individuals feel motivated to perform better than his team members. Identify possible barriers to effective team working (20 marks) Barriers to Effective Team Building Teams are formed to ease the work pressure on the individual and achieve the targets within the desired time frame. In teams, individuals share responsibilities among themselves, help each other to accomplish a complicated task. The team members must be comfortable with each other and be a little more flexible and adjusting. Bringing individuals together is easy, but making them perform is difficult. Giving them task is easy, but expecting the best from them is tough The barriers to team building restrict the team members to perform and eventually their performance goes down and the organization is at loss. Let us understand the various barriers to team building and the methods to overcome them When individuals give priority to their personal interests than work, the team suffers. Mike never wanted to have a team meeting in the morning as he had to first drop his son to school and then his wife to her office. The agenda of the day could never be discussed and everyone worked on their own sweet will. Mike was more concerned about his sons school and wifes office. They are important but not at the cost of ones office. Nothing ever productive came out of Mikes team as he himself never really was serious about his work. For the maximum output, the team members must think of their team first and everything else should come later. One has to respect his team as well as his organization to expect the same in return. Individuals not being clear about the teams goal and their roles and responsibilities in the team also create problems in effective team building. The goal has to be common. Individuals should not have separate goals. For a marketing team the goal is to generate revenues for the organization and every one including the team leader has to work towards it. The roles and responsibilities must be designed according to the team members interest, educational qualification and specializations. John, Ali, Kate and Ben were part of the sales team in an organization of repute, but Kate was more interested in helping the operations team. She was never too keen in marketing activities and accepted it just because of pressure from the management and the fear of losing the job. She was more interested in finding a place in the operations team rather than focusing on her work. Individuals should not accept responsibilities unless and until they are very sure about it. It is better to say a no in the beginning rather than troubling yourself and others later. When a team is formed, the team members are almost new to each other. They do not know each other well and feel shy and hesitant. It is important to break the ice among the employees in the very beginning otherwise it becomes a strong barrier later. We are not robots who can start working just by the push of a button and work non stop without even talking to each other. Human Beings must talk to each other, discuss things among themselves and trust each other. Dont always assume that everyone is jealous of your work and will harm you. Trust people, it will reduce half of your tensions. Lack of discussions is again a barrier to effective team building. Team members must not sit quietly in team meetings, instead should speak their heart out. One must participate willingly. Debates are important and strategies or policies should not be implemented without evaluating the pros and cons. Every team member must have a say in the teams decisions. Dont attend meetings just for fun, come prepared. Poor communication is also one of the barriers to effective team building. Too much of a complicated hierarchy also result in poor and ineffective communication. Unorganized thoughts and abstract ideas create misunderstandings and confusions among the team members and in turn decrease the productivity of the team. Individuals should be very careful about what they speak. One should never use derogatory statements or lewd remarks in the office. It is better to communicate through mails as it is more reliable. Lack of discipline and punctuality also create problems in team. Never be late for work. It is unprofessional to keep others waiting. Always reach before time for team meetings and discussions. One should also maintain the decorum of the workplace. Do not indulge yourselves in unproductive things. Dont loiter around unnecessarily. One should never forget the objective of his team. Adopt a positive attitude and always strive hard to give your level best without worrying about who is dating whom or who is bosss favouriteThese things does not matter in the long run. Behave nicely with everyone and avoid being rude. Be a little more involved in your work. Outline the possible effects of identified barriers on the team (24 marks) Explain how to create and maintain an effective team (32marks) Building an Effective Team Having goals or a clear purpose is important to each of us. In fact, people who set goals are always more successful than the others. For leaders who are serious about setting goals, some things are to be kept in mind. These goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and with Timelines. Besides, for any organization, goals should also be expressed positively. And for a team, goals need to be personalized for each member of the team. All these goals should be put in writing, where you as well as the team can see them often. Once you sit down with your team and set some goals, it can be very useful to develop some kind of action plan for accomplishing that goal. Informality as well as ParticipationIn order to build an effective team, the climate has to be informal, comfortable, as well as relaxed. There should be no tension or any signs of boredom. Teams enjoy getting together, they interact easily. There should be lots of good-natured kidding and laughter. Have seating arrangements in order to facilitate this. A circle is the best seating arrangement usually, while a typical classroom arrangement is the worst. ListeningA highly efficient team has team members who use effective listening techniques. These include questioning, paraphrasing, as well as summarizing in order to get out ideas. Listening is the most effective factor that distinguishes effective teams from ineffective teams. This is a highly important subject which needs to be discussed in detail in another article. The ability to really listen is a highly important skill. Each team member has to have it. Listening lets you understand what the other person is saying. Besides, it shows the other person that youre interested in what he/she has to say. But all of us experience common listening problems. We tend to let our attention wander. Our mind drifts away. We start thinking about the time, or other tasks at hand. This way we lose our concentration. We miss the real point of what is being said. We may end up focusing on the personality of the speaker. Else we may let our judgment of the person based on past experiences come in the way. Or, we may be trying hard to look for hidden messages and lose out on the crux of the conversation. Our emotions interfere with our judgment. This takes away our focus from what is being said. Our judgment of the person interferes with our understanding of what is being said. We tend to interrupt and step on the statements of others. This way we dont listen to what is being said. Besides, there is a tendency to think ahead to what we want to say next and miss out on whats being said right now. It is important to use the steps of active listening in order to be a good listener. There are many facets of building an effective team. Having an informal atmosphere as well as listening skills are some of them. Team Development – Meaning, Stages and Forming an Effective Team Teams are becoming a key tool for organizing work in todays corporate world. Teams have the potential to immediately amass, organize, relocate, and disperse. But, teams are an effective tool of employee motivation. It is essential to consider the fact that teams develop and get mature over a period of time.Team development creates a captivating atmosphere by encouraging co-operation, teamwork, interdependence and by building trust among team members. The four stages of team development are Stage 1 Forming During this stage, group members may be anxious and adopt wait-and-see attitude. They will be formal towards each other. There would be no clear idea of goals or expectations. Besides, they may not be sure why they are there. This is the stage where the team needs to write its own charter or mission statement as well as clarify goals. The most important thing here is that goals must have a personal buy-in. By doing this the team will be able to establish boundaries as well as determine what is expected. Team members will get to know each other doing non-conflict laden task. This builds the commitment towards one larger goal. Thus, during the forming stage, the team members are in process of knowing each other and getting at ease with them. Stage 2 Storming During this stage, team members are eager to get going. Conflict can arise as people tend to bring different ideas of how to accomplish goals. At this time, they notice differences rather than similarities. This leads to some members dropping out mentally or physically. At this stage, communication is important. Tensions will increase. So recognizing and publicly acknowledging accomplishments also become important. It becomes important to participate in meetings and diversity needs to be valued. Thus, during the storming stage, the team members begin showing their actual styles. They start getting impatient. They try to probe into each others area, leading to irritation and frustration. Control becomes the key concern during this stage. Stage 3 Norming This stage is when people begin to recognize ways in which they are alike. They realize that they are in this together. Hence, they tend to get more social and may forget their focus in favour of having a good time. This is the time to help with training if applicable. It becomes important to encourage them in order to feel comfortable with each other and with systems. Also, the group needs to stay focused on goal. Thus, during the norming stage, there is conflict resolution. There is greater involvement of team members. There is a greater we feeling rather than I feeling. Stage 4 Performing This stage is when team members are trained, competent, as well as able to do their own problem-solving. At this time, ways need to be looked at in order to challenge them as well as develop them. The team is mature now. The members understand their roles and responsibilities. They would require more input in processes. The members would be self-motivated as well as self-trained. Thus, their efforts need to be recognised. Growth has to be encouraged. This is done by giving new challenges to the team. Thus, teams at the stage of performing are self-controlling, practical, loyal as well as productive. Focus is there on both performance as well as production. Forming an Effective Team This is the general approach to forming a successful work team. But not all will take the same steps as discussed above. Success is usually hinged on taking all of the steps just discussed. We have a tendency to want to surround ourselves with people who are just like us. In case you get to choose a team, instead of organizing a pre-formed team, then youll look for a team of people with a variety of strengths. In case of a team that is already in place, organizing can be more subtle. Like, all the workgroups can be called together in order to discuss what goals you want to accomplish and how everybody can help. You will also find that imposing goals on people doesnt work nearly as well as having them tell you as to what goals they will strive for. But setting goals is not easy work. Too often they end up in being too unrealistic, too vague, impossible to measure, or just stretching into eternity without any deadline. Learners must achieve at least 50 of marks available for each learning outcome. In some instances learning outcomes may be covered by more than one question. PAGE MERGEFORMAT 5 Cert. No. GB17229 yq1r5JPDnNeokUpIL2c-tDW9oWQd4H).SBudMkbah
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