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            Input Device KeyboardWhat is an input device?An input device is hardware which is used to send data (message)   to computer.E.g. keyboard, mouse, camera, joysticks etc….History of Keyboard:Keyboard was developed nearly 1907 to 1910 by Charles Krum and his son Howard Krum.After this it was edited by American engineer frank pearne.At that time it was known as keypunches.We can simply say that typewriters are ancestor of all kind of keyboard.What is Keyboard?The bunch of keys which enables you to enter data into computer or other devices is called computer keyboard.The keyboard contain push buttons or we can say switches which we called KEY.Keyboard is most used input device for any output device or computer.How it is works?When we pressed any key of keyboard at that time electric circuit is closed so that it passes the data or send signal to computer so that it will print as per command symbol or alpha or number. Types of keyboard:      There are major three types of keyboard. It is contain as given below…Mechanical keyboardWireless keyboardVirtual keyboardMechanical keyboard:Standard keyboardErgonomic KeyboardLaptop-size keyboardFlexible keyboardsThumb-sized keyboardMultifunctional keyboardErgonomic Keyboard:Ergonomic keyboard is designed for the reduce muscle strain which is better than standard keyboard.There are some studies show that if u are working on the normal keyboard for long time so it cause damage to wrist and forearm/So Ergonomic Keyboard reduce the muscle pain and help you for long time working period.Wireless Keyboard:Wireless keyboard is allows you to communicate with computer or other output devices with Bluetooth technology or radio frequency.Wireless keyboard works with 2GHz radio frequency.Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with all operating system like Android, iOS, windows, Linux.Mostly Bluetooth keyboard comes up with standard QWERTY layouts.Virtual keyboard:The virtual keyboard operated by multiple input device like the Touch screen, actual keyboard and mouse.Virtual keyboard is also known as the projection keyboard.The advantage of virtual keyboard is  it can be projected on any surface at any time.It is also light weight and full size keyboard so any people can comfortable with this technology.What is inside of keyboard?  when we open the any key of keyboard it is appear like below image. Inside the hole there is small peace of rubber which we cant see in picture.  1076325-20955when we open the keyboard there is a transparent plastic layer which is directly connected to the mechanical switches of keyboard.In this given image we can see green rectangle which is indicator for ‘Num lock’, ‘Caps lock’ and ‘Scroll Lock’.Keyboard is also connect with computer by USB port.8058150Troubleshoot and diagnosing:     There is most common and basic issue is improper network connection. So for that try to reconnect your keyboard and fix it.Update latest drivers for keyboard and reinstall it then restart your computer.For the hardware part there may be some sort of problem like some key become unresponsive. So this kind of situation there is main cause is dust or dirt. Therefore open your keyboard and remove the dirt and clean your keyboard.

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