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Innovations or

Innovations or
invention (technology) that had the biggest impact on civilization throughout
history and why

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have always been the major reagents behind the achievement of humanity. Some of
the innovations or invention resulted to immediate transformation, whereas
others laid the basis for significant growths down the road. From original
technologies to valiant scientific and medical achievements, a number of
innovations had biggest impacts all through the history and the reasons for the
impact. For instance, before the invention of the internet, there was no
innovation for the spread and democratization of knowledge than Johannes
Gutenberg`s printing press. Printing press was important historically in that it
improved existing presses using already a mould that permitted for the quick
production of blend type pieces (Plummer, 2014). Accordingly, the printing press
developed books that facilitated the spread of new and frequently debatable thoughts.
Therefore, this form of technology demonstrated so influential in stimulating
revolutions, religious disturbance and systematic thought.

historic technology involves the compass, which had impact on early navigation
and exploration on global positioning schemes. It is noted that compasses
greatly substituted planetary means as the main route-finding tool for sailors.
The main importance was to offer explorers with a reliable approach for navigating
the world`s masses, an invention that stimulated the period of innovation and
brought to Europe the affluence and power that drove the industrial revolt. Despite
the fact that early humanities established wide-ranging use of stone and iron
among others, steel drove the industrial revolution and contemporary cities. Steel
exploded into one of the biggest industries on earth and was used in the
development of almost everything ranging from channels and rail line to multistory
building and engines.

light is another significant innovation that had biggest impacts in the world
historically. The creation of electric light liberated the early society from
total dependence on daylight. Furthermore, electric lights were used in
everything starting from home lighting and street lamps to flashlights and car
headlights. The multifaceted networks of wires erected to power early light
bulbs assisted to cause the initial domestic electrical wiring, creating an
opportunity for numerous other in-home piece of equipment.

or invention that had the biggest impact on civilization within the past 100
years and the reasons

is noted that within the past 100 years, there have been a number of original
inventions all over the world. Some of such technologies include the compact
cassette tape, which quickly became widespread for use in the office, homes and
in the bedroom for potential singers.  A
great boost in popularity developed with the invention of the Sony Walkman, a portable
headphone only music gadget.

invention was a great step in trying to combat bacteria. Scientists such as
Alexander Fleming discovered the bacteria-constraining fungus recognized as
penicillin. This invention was demonstrated to be a major improvement on
antiseptics that killed human cells together with bacteria and their use spread
all through within the past 100 years. Accordingly, there is the steam engine,
which is noted to have made transportation methods possible all over the world.
Steam engine has set the stage for later inventions including internal
combustion engines and jet turbines that stimulated the occurrence of cars and
aircraft. Therefore, these innovations or inventions are all significant in one
way or another because they laid the background for present technologies`


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