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Informative Paper On Evasion Charts (EVC)

Informative Paper On Evasion Charts (EVC)

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1. It has always been essential to provide our pilots with the necessary information for survival in an unfriendly and unfamiliar environment. However, in today?s age of global reach, global power and worldwide deployments, it is even more necessary to provide them with this needed information. This paper discusses the evasion chart, one of the tools for survival that is provided to the aircrew, and its uses.

2. An evasion chart (EVC) is a primary evasion navigation tool to assist a survivor in choosing appropriate terrain, concealment, and threat avoidance for successful evasion movement. Evasion itself is ?the process whereby individuals who are isolated in hostile or unfriendly territory avoid capture with the goal of successfully returning to areas under friendly control.? (Joint Pub 1-02, Joint Pub 3-50.2) EVCs are produced on a strong, moisture resistant polyester material. The material does not stretch or crack, and is not sensitive to temperature changes. It is displayed on a camouflage pattern background and contains details such as lakes and tributaries, which enables the user to recognize features while on foot.


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