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Academic research into phone use 8 Goggling 9 • References and further reading 10 11 12 13 Getting started 15 14 16 (including using proprietary software packages to help 17 you order your ideas) and you should use the way that 18 suits you best. Here we will use a ‘Spirogyra’. The 19 question is about text and image messaging’, so we’ll 20 UT that in the centre.We want to know about its 21 impact on two separate entities, industries/producers and consumers/users. In effect, the three are linked together in a kind of triangular relationship. Now we 24 can see a dynamic relationship between the three, 25 what will we need to do to explore how it works? 26 27 audiences 28 history representation 29 definitions You may feel that you can get straight to grips with this question because you are probably one of those text and image messaging products 30 31 consumers who have enjoyed using your mobile phone and have upgraded to get new features.However, if you want to answer the question effectively, you will need to stand back and ‘distance’ yourself from your own experience to make sure you take account of the wider question. You can then use what you know in conjunction with what you find.

350 ownership digital technologies 32 synergies institution 33 Figure 10. 6 Espaliered of producers, consumers and testing. 34 35 A definition of each of the three would be useful as 37 well as some further understanding of media industries 38 (ownership) and media consumers (how do we 39 describe/classify them? ).Let’s look at how we might pursue one or two of hose. We might be testing every day, but do we know what kind of technology it is, when it started and how it developed? We will need a workable definition of terms. Using Wisped Wisped is a good starting point for definitions. Type into the search box on Wisteria’s front page (I. E.

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The words inside the symbols). You should be taken to the page shown in Figure 10. 7.

It won’t necessarily look the same on your computer because we have selected a ‘skin’ – a page design – that we find easier to read, but it should contain the same information.You could also get there by typing . Of course, Wisped is always Ewing updated, so the page might change over time. Even so, we can be confident it will give us some starting points. The page tells us that the official term for testing is SMS (short message service) and it offers links to ‘mobile phones’ and to ‘GSM’ (global system for mobile communications) and ’36’ (third generation mobile phone technology) – we’ll decide if we want to pursue these a little later.

It also suggests that the Avoidance network.The rest of the Wisped entry tells us something about which country has the most frequent testers’ (Singapore) and about the swift growth of a valuable business. In 2004, there were 500 billion texts sent worldwide, a business worth around $50 billion. Several other related technologies are mentioned as well as some indication of news stories involving text messages. At the bottom of the page we find references and links, to both other Wisped pages and to external sites.

It might be useful at this point to follow the link for MS (multimedia messaging system).Here, we will simply note that 26 technologies operating in GSM systems enabled the spread of the practices of testing and image messaging that the question requires us to discuss. We’ll now focus on: • the telephone companies (telecoms’) – which companies, how do they hope to make profits, how are their activities regulated? We could continue to explore Wisped, but a better bet may be to use selected specialist websites associated with the telecoms and the news organizations which report on consumer behavior. We also need to bear in mind that we are interested in ‘messaging’ as a media form.This meaner that we are thinking about mobile phones as a new form of distributing and displaying both traditional media texts and ‘new media’ (testing could itself be described as new media). Company websites I-J readers will know about most local phone service providers and it shouldn’t take long to find two of the Avoidance’s website is at www.

Avoidance. Co. UK and ass’s at whim. 02. Com (but don’t forget they may change website details).

Just type or 352 into any search engine and the company website 1 should come up in the first few hits.Both websites have a similar design and the first question is where 3 to look to find some useful material. The sites most likely to appear on search lists are ‘consumer sites’, 5 designed to give information and persuade potential customers to sign up with the provider. A good start for us might be to look at the menu for an ‘About us’ 8 or ‘About this site’ entry.

This will often lead to a 9 corporate site where you can find details of the 10 ownership of the company, the size of its operation and possibly a ‘Media Centre’ with press releases 12 announcing new products or services or changes in 13 the business operation.

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