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The three dimensions to business problems are technology, organizations, and people. The technological problems involve all the components in the firm’s information technology infrastructure, such as computer hardware, computer software, data management systems, and the networks and telecommunications technology. Technology needs to put all of these components plus more together and make sure that they run proficiently. Organization is a consideration of the business’ structure, culture, politics, and processes.Different people on different levels in the organization are responsible for inputting information into the system which allows it to function properly. The dimension of the people is the ability for the business’ management and employees to work individually and in work groups, as well as to have proper training to work the information technology infrastructure.

If the people are not properly trained to input the information and read the output properly then the system will not function to the best of its ability.Information technology is all of the hardware and software that a firm may need to use in order to reach its business objective. Information systems are a set of interrelated components that retrieve, process, store and then distribute information which is used for control in organizations and to support decision that are made.

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The different between information technology and information systems is that information technology is the design, development, implementation, support or management of the information system and the information system is the interaction between the people, processes, and technology.Information systems take a process in which information is input by raw data within the company. Then the system processes the raw material into something that is meaningful. Finally the system creates an output, which is the information for the people who will use it to help the company.

The process takes specially trained individuals who know what information needs to be put into the system and then how to use the material that comes out.

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