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This leaflet has been designed to help you, to help your co-workers.

Pass on your knowledge and guide them so that they too will be a success! David Kola was born in 1939. He attended Knox College and earned his undergraduate degree in 1961 He then went to Harvard University and earned his Ph. D. In Social psychology. Now, he works at the Weathered School of Management at Case Western Reserve University as a Professor of Organizational Behavior.

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Kolas Learning Cycle Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher ; To help students Achieve their goals ; Establishing Ground Rules ; Safeguarding ; Health and Safety ; Equality and Diversity ; Keeping Records ; To prepare lessons and SOW’s (Scheme Of Work) ; Reflect on how your lesson went, what could you improve on if necessary? ; Differentiation – learn the levels of competency and understanding It is important to teach your co-worker to find out what tales of learning their students prefer.Use the graph above to help you with this. Once you know their learning styles and can adapt your teaching methods, they will find it easier to learn. ; Be knowledgeable about your subject matter – Stay up to date with current methods ; Be Professional ; Teach your students employability skills ; Build Confidence in your student Points of Referral This section is for the use of internal or external referral points.

If you have a student who is failing who would you refer them to?If the student was looking for careers advise is that an internal or external referral?

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