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She can’t bench press a single pound, but one Valley bodybuilder is proving that she doesn’t need to lift weights to win fitness awards and inspire thousands.

Barbie Thomas lost both of her arms in an accident when she was Just 2 years old, she was playing on an electrical transformer, got tangled in some wiring, and was burned to the bone. Now, despite her unique physicality, she’s competing in national fitness competitions. The moment I knew about her was the moment my thoughts had been altered when I was turning 16.Thomas was not expected to survive and for most people the injuries she suffered ould have been enough to cripple her for life, but instead she persevered and is now a competitive body builder and model. Talk about inspiring.

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Her dance routines during fitness competitions include high kicks, splits, and some ninja moves, which participants are required to do on top of their strength performances. Her positive attitude is what has kept her going. I was thinking about how she did that routine? But she blew my mind. She truly had inspired me!!From now on, I begin to think that Failure is almost as unavoidable as death or taxes. At some point in our lives we stumble and fall.

But the truth is that failure is necessary before any success can be achieved. Upon closer examination, failure is nothing more than a precedent to success. From the day we set foot on this earth to the day we depart, failure is something that we face on a daily basis. Failure can be trivial or devastating, or anywhere in between. Some people, when they encounter failure get discouraged.While others accept it as part of learning process and use it to better themselves like what Thomas did. More often than not, many people who made it into our history books are remembered for a handful of successes.

What the books don’t tell us is that those few successes were achieved through a mountain of failures. These people, instead of getting discouraged, learned from their mistakes and achieved their goals. Many visionaries are misunderstood by their contemporaries but are greatly admired by future generations.School for many of us is a place where our skills are put to the test, and soon enough we find that failure is there, waiting around the corner. The moment a person thinks that nothing can go wrong; he/she stumbles and falls.

Some of us experience academic failure, or social, or both. Through conformity, failure has gained a bad reputation. Everybody is expected to comply and if you can’t, too bad. But the truth is that failure is a necessary part of life and is a learning tool that is more valuable than all the books in the world. Whenever I fail in a test, I won’t back down; instead I will learn from my mistakes.

I have had a lot of dreams but after seeing Thomas, I believe that these reams can come true. Whenever I use look at the mirror, the first thing that use to appeal to me the way I look but after Thomas, the first thing that comes to my mind is thank god I am complete, not a single bone broken. You should always be thankful for what you have because there is always someone worse than you. year. I was in deep melancholy but I didn’t fail. If I knew about Thomas from last year, there wouldn’t have been any crying or melancholy that came to me.

And finally I Just knew that cant is not an option.

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