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Contextual evidence composed by the author/director implicates ideologies, beliefs and morals providing the foundation Of values, hence similar texts complementarily emphasis the influence of context upon values. Contextual evidence presented within both texts encompasses the influences of time, place, social, political, philosophical and religious influences. Within The Road, values explored feature that of hope, family, community and spiritual belief, respectively in Cattle; participation, privacy, freedom of opportunity, choice and manipulation are analyses.Twain texts; The Road and Cattle demonstrate dyspepsia realities of environmentally degraded worlds.

Opaque ashen horizons of dust frosted structures within a scarcity of live organisms kin to sepia-filter, yellow hued exterior scenes questions the extents of atmospheric pollution represented in varying extents of environmental degradation in hypothetical futuristic worlds. Via the use of setting, a contaminated and borderline survivable reality, the necessity of human cooperation in survival is emphasized.This necessity is represented as the value of family in The Road, and the value of participation within Cattle. The man’s intense love for his son depicts touching values of family essentially implying cooperation was fundamental to persevere, such that the relic of an ubiquitous can of coke is glorified; “he looked at his father then tilted the can and drank, he sat there thinking about it.It’s (the coke) really good, he said”.

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The man experiences joy in providing his son a piece of joy in the remnants of his world, as a reason to continue surviving. Childless participation within a genetically discriminative and hierarchal society to endure the dyspeptic society, forces conditioned cooperation of individuals crucial for the ambitions of main character, Vincent.Via black market means; the method of ‘borrowed ladder with the aid of a man with surgical expertise and the identity of a once elite individual provide Vincent a borrowed peppiest to exist within the world of elitists. Complementary humor is utilized in dialogue as it is mentioned during a scene in which Vincent eyes are yet to be altered to become identical to his false identity (the once elite individual) currently a disabled man, states; “my eyes are prettier”.Focusing on the crucial subtleties determining Vincent slim odds of success, the extents of self-resolved articulation within the elitist society is accented. Ergo, the influence of setting; the environmental state and time period of comparable texts The Road and Cattle highlight values of family and participation. The disturbing extents of dyspepsia texts; The Road and Cattle, characterize humanity as horrific in values of hope, spiritual belief and privacy and the freedom of opportunity respectively.

The horror of humanity refers to the alarming consequences of anarchy and cannibalism within The Road and the genesis (discrimination of genetic makeup) driven society in Cattle. Due to a collapsed structure of a consumed (pun) civil foundation, amidst the aftermath of an apocalyptic event annihilating the majority of the human population, humans have accustomed to anarchical lifestyles due to barely survivable conditions, food source is scarce thus cannibalism is resorted to.Corm McCarthy expresses the disturbing intensity of scenes to its full magnitude; “they picked their way among the mummified figures. The black skin stretched upon the bones and their faces split and shrunken on their skulls.. “. The horror of the scene before the man and his son was an acquainted Scene seen many times before, hence hope is ironically presented within the text, a hopeless situation accompanied with a desire to live brings forth hope for the TVВ»’0 individuals as survivors of a world that was once like ours.

The supplies of food and necessities found periodically on their journey to the coast re-spark the fading lamp (pun) of hope the man holds. Spiritual belief is an antagonized feature within the dyspepsia, religious customs are forgotten in the desperate desire of endurance, man now places their ‘god’ thin children, the generation determining their race’s survival.In the technologically advanced Cattle, privacy of personal genetic information is non-existent, as stated in the opening scenes of the film; ‘What may be a legal drug test is actually an illegal peek of your future at the company’ as samples of body fluids provide possible means Of examining an individual’s genetic sequence, their life expectancy, health problems, potential of heart failure, are information extracted from the sample.

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