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Infidelity What is the truth about infidelity When two people who love each other decide to take a sacred vow ?till death do us part?, a part of the commitment involves being loyal and faithful in every way.

In a society such as ours, where the divorce rate is sky high, infidelity plays a major role and of great concern to all those who are presently married, or those who are someday hoping to be. In a perfect world, when one person finds his or her other half, then falls in love and gets married, the two people really represent one ?whole? person. The thought of another person breaking up the ?two halves that make a whole? is not even an issue. Think again, this world is not a great place, and often enough the most important person in ones life finds some reason to be unfaithful.

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Infidelity is a kind of thing that could leave a scar for all eternity. This research paper will focus on the topic of infidelity(1). The questions being women, men, infidelity, cheat, sex, another, woman, feel, man, cheating, relationship, likely, being, seek, people, wife, unfaithful, really, just, husbands, husband, adultery, revenge, reason, person, norment, fear, because, according, about, think, therefore, temptation, sexual, reasons

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