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Industrial Index

Industrial index rates are very important to the well being of the entire economy. Fluctuations in industrial rates effect the decision investors make on whether or not they should buy or sell stock. The fluctuations also influence the national economic policy. Investors constantly check industrial rates and compare them to previous rates. It is designed to yield the best leading indicator of inflation based on commodity prices, and is meant to be used as part of an early-warning system to gauge underlying inflation pressures in the U.S. economy.
The purpose of this paper is to use valid statistical procedures to determine whether the twelve months differed significantly in the industrial index rates for the period of January 1993 ?V December 1993. Extensive search was made on the CD-ROM and other sources to locate relevant and reliable data and background information on industrial rates. The CD-ROM provided by the makers of the textbook provided me with the required data on the industrial index rates. The data is shown in Appendix A.
The data in Appendix A is arranged in a format of a randomized block design (RCBD) where blocks are the months and the

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