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Individual / Organization ContributionBy David Okerinde Lifting equipment is actually a term used for any equipment that can carry loads for example  cranes ,hoists,forklift in this passage i will talk about people and organisations that have made a impact on the field of lifting devices.

One company that has made a impact on lifting equipment is crown they are a company that makes and sells forklifts.the fork lift was officially invented in 1906 but thought time there have been very primitive version of it . The company started in New Bremen, Ohio, USA in 1920 they originally didn’t make forklift but they made solid temperature controls for coal burning machines but they had to stop making them because the market for the  solid temperature controls disappeared due to the increased use of gas heat. A couple years later in 1949 they changed their focus to making parts for the television but after awhile they changed the market to material handling in 1956 they made many stockpickers and order pickers for the us government for example a hamper-dumper truck that was used by the us postal service they then later decided to stop making these and start making two lines of forklifts the H meaning hand operated and B meaning battery operated  series in 2000 they compared the profit they were making of their products and decided to stop making rotors  crown hire two people  Deane Richardson and David B.

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Smith to help them make a new pallet truck which won a award from the American iron and steel institute in 1965 later crown joins the industrial truck association and opens plant in australia in march 2008 they were given $1,000,00 by ohio to research fuel cells they also received a award from ohio due to their effort in reducing pollution this research their current ceo is James F Dicke II they also have amassed 14,100 employees in total due to their success they have 2.9 billion in net worth and they are the fourth largest company that makes forklifts .Another company that makes a impact on lifting devices is mammoet they are a company that uses cranes for the movement of large items cranes have been used for a very long time since the time of the romans the romans had devices which were similar to the modern crane .Their company started in 1973 when gebroeders goedkoop merged merged with a transport and lifting company to create mammoet and in 1973 a sub company called mammet shiping was created later the sub company would be sold and renamed to biglift shipping with is known for raising the russian submarine kursk.

.. They have done some incredible feats using lifting devices for example how they lifted a live power supply without disturbing it or how they moved a old train tunnel while keeping the trains on time or when they replaced a part of a bridge in two weeks They use different types cranes like the LTM 11200-9.

1 a all terrain crane or the PTC 140-DS a ring crane In october 18 2008 they sponsored Nascar in Nascar Craftsman truck .Their Headquarters are in Schiedam, Netherlands they have many offices in many countries like brazil,south africa,south korea,ect. Their current ceo is Jan Kleijn their current Chief People Officer is Martijn Roelants their Chief Financial Office is Kees Voormolen their Chief Executive Officer is Paul van Gelder .They have around 32,000 employees around the world In recent news mammoet has just been contracted to do heavy lifting at the New Dangote Oil Refinery In  conclusion crown and mammoet have made great contributions to the field of lifting equipment crown by making and selling forklifts and mammoet by pushing the limits of what can be done with lifting equipment  these two companies have contributed greatly Sources

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