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Human Resources Compliance: the next frontier in RegTech

31/01/2018by Leen Cuypers

Author: Leen Cuypers

When thinking about using technology in HR, addressing compliance issues might not be the first thing that pops up in your mind? While many people link technology to the cost-saving aspect of automating labour-intensive, highly manual processes, there’s a lot to say about the less-explored use of technology to facilitate HR compliancy. It is in fact the point where the highly matured HR Tech meets RegTech.

The HR Contradiction

My experience in HR companies and the intensive collaboration with HR professional across big and smaller organisations have given me the insight there’s generally speaking two kinds of people in HR: the ones that are detailed, administrative workers and the ones that are the people-centric, less analytical but highly soft skilled people. Human Resources does combine two of the most contradictory functions: the administrative management of everything involving employment on one side of the spectrum and the people-focused, enabling employees to grow in their roles, supporting the management in building an attractive workplace, able to bring in the high potentials they’re aiming at. In some companies, the different roles are clearly separated but in many organisations, they are not, resulting in the HR department not being the most popular within the organisation.

RegTech as HR enabler

RegTech is a wonderful enabler for HR professionals to focus on their core tasks and be the people centric department they should be. When looking into more detail at the multitude of EU and national regulations all companies, and therefore every HR department, should comply with, there’s a multiple page checklist, dealing with topics like working conditions, redundancy, training, equal opportunity treatment of job candidates and employees, pensions, social security, taxation. For HR managers to ensure their people are working within the limits the law prescribes, the use of technology could be a useful means. Imagine, a state-of-the-art certified technology, able to check your current policies against the newest regulations in place, wouldn’t that be a time- and cost-saver, leaving no doubt about the topics on which you do and don’t comply. Audits would become a ‘one-click’ operation instead of the stress they are causing now.


We firmly believe the time has come to add the compliancy piece to the HR Tech puzzle and enhance HR’s ability to fulfil their people-centric roles. Will 2018 be the year in which HR Tech (automation) solutions add a RegTech layer assuring the company to have a real-time view on the compliancy status and as a result protect the firm as well as its employees?

About the Author

Leen Cuypers: Leen’s ability to see creative solutions, coupled with her analytical skills and drive to get things done, helps her investigate, define, and solve business challenges for the 21st century. Focussed on RegTech for emerging economies she delivers credibility and trust.