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the age of Chaucer, there were many famous writers. There were so many
beautiful literatures in this age. One of popular writers was Geoffrey Chaucer.
He was first writer in England. His name used in this age because he had many
works that very beautiful in his period. Beside that, Geoffrey Chaucer had own
characteristic different with other. So, his name used in this age. There were
three cases which interesting to discuss, namely, the first is the Chaucer’s
life, the second is Chaucer’s works, and the third is how the historical
background of the age of Chaucer can influence his works.

            Chaucer was one of writer in middle
century. He was a diploma and filsuf also. Chaucer was a son of a rich grape
merchant in England. He was born in London, but for the date, nobody knew. Chaucer
was a great writer. He worked in Castel of England. He had good relationship
with King Richard II. So, when Richard II descended the throne, Chaucer stopped
working in castle. When Chaucer died, he buried in a special place for great
writer like him, namely in writer’s corner. According to Book’s Edward Albert
M.A page 33, it explained that After Richard II ascended the throne in 1317,
Chaucer always called to the castle and got many pension’s money early. Not
only that, Chaucer also always got gift from King Richard II. Chaucer was sent to
Italy by the King for mission journey of diploma. After several years, Richard
II descended the throne and it became a depression period for Chaucer. He stop
working and back to his village. Chaucer died and buried at Writer’s Corner in
Westminster Abbey. So, that’s all about Chaucer’s life that very interesting.

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            Chaucer’s works was very popular and
liked by many readers in his period. One of his works which pupolar was The Centubury Tales. Not only that,
Chaucer’s poetry were The Romaunt of The
Rose, Anelida and Arcite, The Book and The Duchesse, and many more. The
characteristic of his poetry were unique, the content was a result his
observation directly, his poetry was firm but funny, his poetry taught many
things but not as a teacher for the reader. Beside that, the other
characteristic were Chaucer used 8-10 syllables in his poetry, he chose correct
words and the rhythm formed a pair, two lines had rhythm. According to Book’s
Edward Albert M.A. page 34, it said that the great narrative work of Chaucer
was Troilus and Criseyde. Its rhythm
was beautiful and the story in that work had deep impression. Edward Albert
M.A. put some excerpt of Chaucer’s poetry, such as

no love is, O god, what fele I so?

If love is, what thing and which is he?

love be good, from whennes com’th my wo?

it wikke, a wonder thinketh me,

that excerpt, seen that Chaucer used 8-10 syllables, the rhythm formed a pair,
and two lines was rhythm. So, Chaucer’s works were very beautiful and had own

            The historical background in the age
of Chaucer was very influence into the Chaucer’s works. Where ago, in period of
King Edward III, church was very ruling. Who oppose the church, they definitely
insult the Christen and the risk was killed or burned. There were war between
Islam with Christen. They fought each other for showing who religion that very
right in the world. That historical background was most about religion. So
that’s why, Chaucer wrote his works with religion theme. One of his work used
religion theme was The Canterbury Tales. That work told about people that
visited the Santo’s burry in Canterbury. The story was about abuse of religion.
According to (Dec.24th, 2017), even though the stories in
The Canterbury reflected many topics of secular and religious, the placed of
religion story was more plentiful and it was about honor of Chaucer with Christen
doctrine. So, the works of Chaucer was more about religion theme because
influenced by the historical background of the age of Chaucer.

            In Summary, the historical
background of Chaucer that more about religion, influenced the works of Chaucer
in his age. On of his works that used religion theme was The Canterbury Tales.
The characteristic of Chaucer’s works were unique, he chose correct words, the
content was beautiful, it used 8-10 syllables, and the rhythm formed a pair.
The Chaucer’s life was interesting. He was born in a rich family and he loved
in writing. Chaucer was liked by King Richard II and when he died, he was
buried at Writer’s Conner in Westminster Abbey.

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