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In this period
of speedy societal and scientific change leading to increasing life complexity
and emotional displacement, I think with specialization, each person focuses on
their research and their goals. Music education is no doubt an imperative part
of our lives. Music improves students’ team skills and self esteem and helps
their advancement in other vital receptiveness. Populace underrates music culture
in the schools today; on the other hand, music educations is exceptionally
imperative to humankind through learning to play every musical instrument, music
history, music theory, composition, music methodologies, conducting and learn
the entire catalog.


Hood College is well-known
for delivering top-quality education in different range of programmes. It is distinguished
for the high proportion of its training and research that relates to
professionalism. The College promotes excellence education for its students and
continually improves its educational system. In so doing, It uses principle of
“thickening the base, broadening the caliber, and enhancing the quality” when
teaching students to master their cognitive skills.

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The College is
dedicated to the modernization of its administrative system of education with
its evaluation and assessment of educational programs and teaching quality by
students, is essential part of its system. In all other matters, such as the
quality of new freshmen, the organization and supervision of their studies and
the pursuit of employment after graduation is considered.


The College
academic discipline system is based on the instructive idea of “Encouraging the
excellent one, supporting the key ones, reforming the ones, and helping the
newly emerging ones” through national and international scholarships.
Subsequently, International exchange and cooperation programs are highly valued
by the Hood College since it has established academic
cooperation and exchange programs with many Universities in the world.


My assessment of
the states in the United States of America prompted me to choose Maryland as it
is rich in Cultural tradition. The environment is Conducive for learning and
composed of natural one and humane one in harmony.


Furthermore, our
world needs more people who firmly believe in their ability to have positive
impact on the way decision are made and actions are taken here and now, and who
actively use this ability for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s communities.
I will consider myself contributing to Maryland community by spreading my
wealth of cultural background which will add value to the much established
culture in the College. I will build first rate of student disciplines,
consolidating scientific ones, and highlighting the artistic ones by
strengthening the policy control and environmental creation of the academic
disciplines while using humane factor as the care of academic echelon by
playing a key role in student unionism.


Lastly, social
welfare of the students is very crucial as this invoke friendly environment for
the students. I promise to impact my experience of football to transform the College


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