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 In order to analyze a song with Paul Friedlander’s “Window of Rock” theory, we shouldfocus on the important elements which singer showed us in their songs. For the second writingassignment, I choose one song from Beatles which called “Come Together”. i have a few reasonsfor choose this one. First, the main focus on this course is about The Beatles, so choose the songfrom them help me understand them better. also, like the professor mentioned in the lecture,Remarkably similar to Chuck Berry’s ” You Can’t Catch Me” as a famous with full of dispute, isexpressed more information about The Beatles than other of their products.

In all kinds of songs, instruments always contains a huge weight, in ” come together”,John Lennon was doing the lead and backing vocals part, he plays with rhythm guitar, electricpiano, handclaps.Paul McCartney was doing some of backing vocal,too. and he plays with bassguitar.George Harrison was doing the lead guitar and Ringo Starr focused on drums andmaracas. as one of their greatest song, “come together” got very highly evaluate in many ways.

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(“Come Together” was released as the B-side of “Something” and as the opening track of AbbeyRoad. The single was released on 6 October 1969 in the US, was on the Billboard Hot 100 chartfor 16 weeks, and reached No. 1. The single had less success when it was released on 31 October1969 in the UK, only reaching No. 4.Rolling Stone ranked “Come Together” at #202 on their list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of AllTime” and #9 on their list of the Beatles’ 100 Greatest Songs.)1There are many funny facts in the lyric in this song.

(there are plenty of different opinionswith this song, i chose the most common one to explain with) For example,”He one holy rollers”this one basically showed us a religiosity model, which represent George Harrison. ” He gotmonkey finger” is for Ringo Starr. “He got Ono sideboard” hint at John himself and “Got to begood looking” is for another member of The thebeginning of this song, Johnstarted the song with repeated ” shoot me” phase, even during the isolation of the vocals and thepercussion,the words still can be clearly heard. Here comes the biggest point of dispute of thissong,”Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly” compare with “Here come a flattop,he was movin’ up with me”in Chuck Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me” In the year of 1973, MorrisLevy brought a subject of lawsuit against with “come together” he thought that they copied thestay and lyrics from Chuck Berry and he actually won on that. Next is the beats part. (The basicrock beat is 4/4, so we count as 1-2-3-4.

When we trying to create a rock rhythm, we have toplace the emphasis on the off-beats, which is the second beat and last beat. So it goes like this:one, TWO, three, And FOUR.) For this song, I think it focused more is beat two and four, so it isa 2/4 beat rock ‘n’ roll song.

The second and the fourth beat are prominent than other two beat.If you read the lyrics word by word, you will find the language they used in this songwere very creative, for example, like this one “He got ju-ju eyeballs”, the origin meaning forju-ju was created by europeans when they describe various forms of African amulets and magic,1i got this comments from the Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Come_Togetherwhen John use the ju-ju words here, it’s basically would mean something like “casting a spell onsomeone by looking at them.” like what I wrote in my last paper for “Please, Mr. Postman” Themajor theme is romantic love, the singer wants us to follow their move, step by step showing uswhat will happen when we dropped into the ocean of love. in this song, the main focus whichJohn represent to us was Unity, from what i learned of him, he being trying to put all TheBeatles member together, john loved the idea of Unity, like what he expressed in his later songcalled “imagine”.. But by repeating the calling for the,”Come together, right now Over me” thissuccessfully attracted audiences and let them feel the same emotion as the singer. It also showedus something else.

Which is the unified people brings power, the singer love the feeling ofsurrounding by those unified people and he want to have all members of The Beatles cometogether once more, that’s why he describe each of them with a short section.Societal Context is always the next step we are looking for in order to learn more aboutthis song. Which means we need to do some researches on the understand the background of thissong. What background accelerate the creation of this song, what kind of social factor make thissong became popular like this? For this song, it’s more complex than others, let talk about theinside situation of The Beatles first, many members of the origin Beatles are announced quit oftransfer to another group.

john feels bad about it, so he wrote this song in order to bring them allback together again. many other researchers said that the” shoot me” also reference to shootingup heroin which Lennon and Ono are heavily addicted to it during that time.In conclusion, as the production of the middle and later periods for The Beatles.

this songsuccessfully awaken audience’s feeling on The Beatles, by the rapidly repeating of come back,come together, the singer tells us a universalay fact- unified people brings power, they are morestronger than they separate. like many other famous musicians appraise, The Beatles groupcreated a style of popular music. their positive influence will lasts for generation

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