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In late 1920 the company developed a new policy that
reinforce the value of individual 
freedom creativity showing that the organization encourages innovative
effort and allowing the researchers to spend up 15 percent of their paid
working time on projects consider to be possible interest or valuable  for the company, 3M has also supplied them
with all resources they need  to buy the
equipment and employ an extra help.

The most significant example of success of 15% time
rule is Post-It® Notes. By Art Frey in the 1980 he was looking for a  stick paper marker to mark places in his hymn
book then he remembered the useless adhesive product created by the company at the
same time which was could be reused and it left no residue on the material to
which it was applied, Frey spotted a use of this product, he produce the
product and distributed it to secretaries through organization, they all
started using it, Frey then cut the supply of his new product and insist that
no more of the Post-It® Notes unless the company support the product  “A key problem for the social sciences remains that of understanding how
innovations become routinely incorporated or embedded in everyday practice” Normalization
process theory (NPT) Carl R. May, Tracy Finch, and colleagues.

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Innovation is the core compound of 3M organization,
the company knowledge is embedded knowledge based on their values and
assumption and how they do things, but they don’t talk about it, it is collective, “based on shared norms and routines and understandings,
is dispersed but ‘organic'” Lam (2000), act Knowledge,
Organizational Learning and Societal Institutions: An Integrated Framework.
Organization Studies, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p487

“If the espoused beliefs and values are reasonably
congruent with the underlying assumptions, then the articulation of those
values into a philosophy of operating can be helpful in bringing the group
together, serving as a source of identity and core mission”. Schein, E.H
(2004), chapter 2, p30). 

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