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In this report, I’m working on the one of the human rights——The right to life. The right of life means that a person has the most basic inherent right to live, exist, and survive. Nobody shall be stripped of his or her life by anyone. This right is important because this laws prevents genocide, murder and any other form of life deprivation. This law ensured that everyone understand that life is a privilege that all deserves. This right was abused during the Holocaust in second war would.

It was violated in Europe, especially in Germany from 1933 to 1939. It is violated because Anti-Semitic Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler,  considered Jews to be ” Were an inferior race, an alien threats to German racial purity and community.”   German Nazi killed many Jews in concentration camps, such as Auschwits,  a recent report from has shown that “1 million of jews, up to 75,000 Poles, 21.000 Romanies, 14.000 Soviet POWs and up to 14.000 others were murdered,” that’s approximately 1.

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1 million people were killed in the camp simply due to their races and nationalities, it certainly is one of the biggest violations of the right of life the history. They gained power and control over other country such as Poland, Denmark, Norway,…  and as they expanding, more and more comps were being built, and more and more people were thrived from their rights to life because of ridiculous reason. They captured slaves and land and expanded their influence over Europe.The United Nation has been working on protecting the right to life for a long time in the areas included Africa and Middle East. “Extrajudicial killings and excessive use of force by security officers persist,” said Christof Heyns, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial. United Nation sends experts and volunteers to world wide range, using the way of peace-speak to support the rights to life. The International Bill of Human Rights are also an act of United Nation in order to protect series of rights while the right of life is among them.

This right of life is violated in Canada as well.  Growing number of missing indigenous women and girls has raised a great public concern in Canada. According to the 2013 report Those Who Take Us Away: a great number of evidences had pointed out the police’s abuse of indigenous women, while Canada’s failing to promptly and thoroughly investigate the high levels of violence that indigenous women suffer, and its failure to provide adequate and effective responses had led to United Nation’s inquiry into this situation, in which, had violated the rights to life as well.The Canadian government protect the right to life by signing The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into laws, it forms the first part of the charter guarantees.The organisations working in Canada to protect this right is provincial and territorial human rights laws.

It was only with Canadian charter of right and freedoms that human rights in Canada were protected in the constitution. In order to do a better job in protecting this right, people need to stand up for themselves, while the judicial department can do better job to protect this right. And in this case, Canadian government fail to carry out its responsibility of  protecting its citizens’ rights, In conclusion, everyone has the most basic inherent right to live, exist, and survive. Nobody shall be stripped of his or her life by anyone.

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