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IN-ROOM AMENITIES AN IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR GUEST SATISFACTIONIn the age of luxury and innovation guests have the power of choosing hotels and rooms according to their satisfaction and needs. Guest’s satisfaction should have to be fulfilled in return to the price they are giving for staying in a hotel or what a guest expects from hotels in return of the price guest are paying for staying in a hotel should be fulfilled by the staff of the hotel.In today’s luxurious world guest’s want all the luxurious amenities at their doorstepNo guest will ever want the service because of which he/she never wishes to come again to that hotel or to stay in that room. Decorating and maintaining room is one of the main and major aspects or responsibility of hotel and staff .

room should be decorated and maintained in such a way that t should make the guest feel like it is worth the money they are paying and there are no possibilities of any work done in wrong way. Not only maintaining and decorating a room is an important factor in guest satisfaction in today’s world but keeping all the amenities in front of the guest is the most important factor in keeping guest happy and most alive in the room. Nobody will ever pay a hotel a higher price to stay in a room where there will be no amenities and services provided to them.

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The higher you charge the more you give to the guest is the main motive of hotels they keep now day’s.  With the huge amount of competition between hotel industries, it’s essential for hotels to give their customer’s or guests the experience they had never taken before. In today’s innovative world there are many applications that have  been used by the customer’s to search and decide for a hotel by seeing amenities, comfort, user reviews, customer ratings, location, services etc many more as it has become more necessary for hoteliers to offer guest a mind blowing experience, and sufficient room amenities and services .this not only helps to rate you hotel in a higher position but also helps to attract new guests/customers and also to increase positive reviews given to our hotel by the guests which are very important in today’s online market. High-end hotels have more facilities and differentiation, but the simplest way of differentiation is the quality of products and services provided or offered to the guests.

The amenities that guests look in a room they are staying and paying are listed below.   AMENITIES:-STRONG AND ROBUST WIFICOMPLIMENTARY REFRESHMENTSQUALITY TOILETRIESELECTRICITY OUTLETSINTERACTIVE INFORMATION AND ENTERTAINMENT   Strong and robust wifeThe days when hotels used to charge for wife are gone. However, the problem is not just for the bills of wifi it’s about speed and accessibility. With guests bringing more and more devices to the hotels and rooms, it’s imperative that hotels can provide internet access to the guests with high-speed internet and strong signal. Most of the guest’s now days are younger in age and are carrying many gadgets along with them.Nothing is more frustrating for a guest to have a poor signal of wifi with a poor speed that simply doesn’t work for the business profile tourist. Wifi is a huge part of people’s lifestyle nowadays. Having strong and robust wifi throughout the hotel is certainly one way to increase the number of guests in future.

Most people would choose to stay at a hotel with strong wifi over any other in-room amenity.   Complimentary refreshments The mini bar and coffee shop are the places in a hotel where all the customers and guests spend their most of the time in a hotel. And they were also the huge money making market long years ago, however, it is important for hotels to recognize that charging a high amount of money for a water bottle in inconsiderable and disheartening for guests. After a long transit guests who are offered free water bottles and condiments or compliments or coffee will be revealed when they arrive at their room creating a strong and long lasting first impression on the guest.While cheap and simple offering complimentary refreshments can significantly increase their customer satisfaction and guest rating? In today’s world, nothing attracts the customer but offering the free compliments to the customers or guest. It is indirect of marketing their property in a good manner. It also helps to attract new guest and make a strong homely bond with the old guests.

 Quality toiletriesThere have been cases where people have to spend at least five minutes to remove the packaging from a small piece of a cheap soap in a hotel bathroom, which has been both inconvenient and annoying. So it’s also necessary for the hoteliers to provide their customer quality toiletries and which should look convenient and a highly standardized. Most of the guests don’t bring soap and towels along with them so providing them with the high quality of soap and toiletries will create a perfect impression on guests and also will encourage them to come next time.Some hotels have even looked at adding high-quality personal grooming products such as hair dryer, straighter etc.

Guests have become accustomed to small towels and cheap soap, so surprising them with high-quality toiletries will certainly leave them feeling clean and refreshed. Electricity outlets                    With the need to power, an increasing number of devices and laptops and mobiles hotels need to be generous and strategic with electricity sockets they offer their guests. Many hotels don’t have adequate electrical outlets or have outlets that are inconvenient and hard to access. There should be at least two free electricity outlets on each side of the bed so guests can charge town of their devices at the same time. For family sized rooms, the more the better.The frustration that comes with inadequate electricity outlets, particularly for business profile guests, is enough for them to leave negative feedback and it will never be good for a hotel or to their marketing purpose and will put in danger the impression of the hotel n front of the guest and will surely create a bad impact on future guests.

 Interactive information and entertainmentWhile streaming services like Netflix, hot star, Hulu, voot are becoming rather popular, guest’s still like to watch TV like they do at home. Most probably the business profile guest doesn’t have the time to watch TV’s and use their mobile phones for surfing and entertainment, but the guests coming for relaxing and as a tourist have a plenty of time and want a number of variety in TV’ and entertainment. Offering big high-resolution televisions with a wide range of channels is important for hotels to ensure their guests can enjoy at least the same entertainment services as they do at home.IPTV systems like lifestyles can deliver strong signals over the internet and allows guests to watch live TV, catch up TV, and pay-per-view so they don’t miss out any of their favorite shows or any of the programmers they normally watch at home. In addition to this, systems like lifestyle panel also offer features such as guest messaging, things to do, recommended restaurants, and all the hotel information and facilities, all from a single to user interface on the hotel’s in-room TV. Some exclusive in-room amenities offered to business travelers are a well-lit desk area and high-speed internet access in every room.

Select hotels offer printer on service, which enables guests to send print jobs from their laptops directly to the hotels 24 hour’s complimentary business center. Some hotels have introduced in-room safe big enough to fit a laptop with its own charger inside. Communication is as important as comfort for the guests. Some hotels have added two phone lines, cordless phones, and speakerphones. As an added extra, at checkout, corporate guests receive a gift like a teddy bear to take home to their children.Hospitality franchise business can flourish by focusing on the comfort of their guests, and provide progressive room amenities and business tools that enable them to achieve personal fulfillment and professional success while traveling.

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