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In the this article, it talks about freedom of speech apart of the 1st amendment which every person is born with that right but the University of Massachusetts only allows there students free speech between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in a small space by the student union building. That is only one hour of free speech per day. Casey Maxxot said “Many groups, including ADF, have asked the school to change this policy – and they have not done so,” the attorney explains. ‘When schools refuse to change these kinds of policies, that’s exactly what the federal courts are for – and that’s why we’re here, to be able to represent students and make sure that the First Amendment is protected.'”. Therefore making it go against freedom of speech in the first amendment. This related to the the first amendment. The reason why is because it takes away freedom of speech which is part of the first amendment. The reason why is because this school only lets the student talk during certain times of the school day. If they do talk it can result in a expulsion or suspension. This is way the first amendment was used to compare this article.This article “newsweek” Has claimed that the right of the press is being violated by the government with imitation. In the article it states: ” The following month, when the Times published an article about the women accusing Trump of assault, the candidate claimed he was going to sue the newspaper and the women who went on the record.He never pursued these lawsuits. The discovery process would have been too damaging, as commentators noted, and he would not have had much of a case: The Times story was a piece of newsworthy reporting on someone who is obviously a public figure. So the newspaper refused to back down. “We welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight,” the Times’ lawyer wrote in a letter to Trump’s counsel.” If Trump went and sued the newspaper company and the woman than he would be violating the 1st amendment which is a federal lawsuit/ offence. This relates to the article because it talks about how trump was trying to sue the woman and the newsletter but never went through. If he did go through then he would be committing a federal offence and was put him out of being president. He would be violating the second part :Freedom of press. Which is The right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government.

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