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In thetherapeutic intervention of breast cancer, axillary lymph node involvement anddissection is important to prevent recurrence. In some early breast cancercases with no axillary lymph node involvement, revision of the necessity ofaxillary dissection has surfaced. The introductionof sentinel lymph node biopsy to unravel this dilemma does pose a few issuesfor example the perpetuation of surgical period the and prolonged duration bypathologist for comprehensive histological evaluation.

Moreover, the are aminority of cases in which the sentinel node was not singled out by thisexamination. These disputes would in turn significantly impact the patient asit affects the staging of breast cancer patients and subsequently, thetreatment rendered. In this new age of molecular imaging the dawn of hybridimaging 18 F flurodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography computer tomography(18 F FDG PETCT) has given a new insight. 18 F FDG PETCT is credited as a novelnon invasive technique. Studies have shown that 18 F FDG PETCT has poorsensitivity in detecting axillary node metastases in early breast cancer.                                                             18 However, based on(U.

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Veronesi et al, A comparative study on the value of FDG-PET and sentinelnode biopsy to identify occult axillary metastases, we can conclude that whenaxillary lymph node hypermetabolism is demonstrated, it deems the probabilityof axillary lymph node metastatic deposits is of high suspicion. It would beless time consuming and effective as these groups of patient would immediatelyredirected for axillary dissection bypassing the need of SNB. However, giventhe negative axillary lymph node evaluation on PET, its reliability is very lowand axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy is helpful 32.


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