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order to understand the various factors impact online purchase through social
media; Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been reviewed and suggested three
major factors which influence broadly the buying through social media which are
perceived usefulness, perceived value and perceived risk and their influence on
purchase intention has been found identified. There are vast articles and
literature available on the same factors in ecommerce context but this research
carries the social media.

E-commerce is booming and more profitable especially for business startups.
E-commerce sector accounts of 2 Lakhs crore and expected to achieve 5 Lakhs
crore till 2017 in which 77% of online users buy products exclusively on Social
Media. 43.8% of Indian Internet Users has bought at least one product online
and by 2019 and it is likely to grow by 64.4%, 50% of shoppers buy products
online based on recommendation through social media networks and 74% of
customers rely on social media for making their purchase decisions (2020, 2018).
Physical goods sales through digital mode has accounted around 16.8 bn USD (Jain,
S. (2016).

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to Jain, S. (2016) India
is leading over US in facebook users. 155 mn active social media users out of
which 147 mn access on their Smartphone and 73 mn users are active everyday on
Mobiles (, 2018). Key Facebook Users from India are aged 18-24,
which is the largest and fastest growing population segment, these belongs to
college going students therefore college going students have been taken as a
sample unit.

It has been suggested by Social Media Marketing Tips (2018) that
in India out of 462 million internet users, 200 millions are actively using
social media. In 2016 alone, the internet penetration was 24.33% and it is
expected to grow at 37.36% by 2021. India is second largest online shopping market after
China, which is male dominated in terms of internet usage (71%) and female
comprises very less (29%). Google+ is 2nd (82%) most used in India with 82%
accounts after Indonesia with 83% account.  More than 60% social media users are college
going student.

As suggested by Brien, C.O. (2011) Social Media refers to a
collection of social technologies which have enabled a revolution in user
generated content, global community and publishing of consumer opinion. Social
media can also be defined as a group of Internet-based applications that is constructed
on theoretical and methodical
foundations of Web 2.0 and that facilitate the creation and exchange of User
Generated Content” (Kaplan, A. M. and Heinlein, M. (2010).

media has begun as an Internet-based platform which is extremely dynamic and
vibrant. It has proved to be an exceptionally useful platform where one person
can communicate with hundreds or thousands of other people.  It is one of the most recent and effective technology
driven offer lots of benefits (21st Century Technologies (1998). It has given
enough confidence to researcher for doing research on this area, also much of
the research has not been done on which factors influence consumers while they
purchase through social media in the Indian context and their influence on
purchase intention while purchase online; therefore Social Media has been chosen
as an area of research.

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