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In this essay “To Catch a Bombmaker,”Clay Dillow discusses the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) duringterror attacks and the role that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)forensics lab in identifying a bomb in Senao, Iraq foiling the criminal plotsby terrorist organizations. There are many topics being discussed whichinclude, research and analysis conducted at the FBI’s Terrorist Explosive DeviceAnalytical Center (TEDAC). There is also techniques and methods to identify andtrace bomb makers and TEDAC’s role in fighting rebellions. In recent years, wehave seen vivid examples of the dangers of extreme violence as such. There havebeen many attacks with IEDs. The more bombs that the TEDAC analysts collect, itcreates the data to become richer and more effective because they will be ableto identify terrorists.

While there are aspects of Dillow’s article that are effective,there are also ideas that are not shown or proven at full potential. 

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