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In the written task I am going to
write a speech based on part 2 language and mass communication the topic “The
usage of persuasive language advertisement”. Zomato is one of the most favorite
restaurant discovery service utilized by many people in India. The company
provides information and reviews on the different restaurants in the city.

The advertisement of Zomato is
interpreted to be using offensive words in Hindi, by many people as it
highlights the two words “MC”, which stands for “mac’ n cheese” and “BC”, which
stands for “butter chicken”. An article based on offensive advertisement will
be analyzed to show the disturbing effect it has created on the audience

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I will analyze the diction in the
offensive advertisement which has created a vast impact on the audience. The
tone of this speech will be aggressive as the advertisement is seen to be
offensive.  The outcome which I will be
meeting is showing the way mass media uses language to inform, persuade or
entertain the people. This will also include reference to some comments made by
the people who see the advertisement to be offensive in the common language


 This speech is delivered as to create
awareness on the vulgar advertisements campaign by Zomato published by
companies to seek attention. This speech will be a clear idea to readers of how
mass media uses language to inform the readers about their purpose.     


Written task


The Play of Words

By Devansh
Mimani   01-01-2018                 

Can an advertisement go viral in
today’s world?  Can an advertisement be
misinterpreted? Can an advertisement harm a person’s feelings and emotion?  Of course it can , language plays a huge impact
in any advertisement today as well as language can be interpreted differently
by different people. Taking the advertisement of “MC” and “BC” when put up in
India caused an uproar in the public, it would not cause any chaos when put up
in Australia or Thailand as it is not related to its mother languages.. The
language and the presentation makes huge impact in today’s life as it can make
a bad advertisement good and a good advertisement a bad one.

In the past few
days, the advertisement of Zomato went viral. It affected many people mentally and
emotionally too. Zomato’s advertisement which
read “MC” and “BC” in large letters was expanded to “Mac n’ Cheese” and “Butter
Chicken” just below the bold letters. The public misinterpreted these
two words for expletives in mother tongue ‘Hindi’ for many Indians. Or it may
actually be the companys’ fault where in spite of knowing the local languages
and the Indian culture the company wanted to grab some form of attention and it
did so in the form of advertisement using offensive language.


This particular
advertisement went wild in the social media as it affected many people in India
even though they all do not understand Hindi as slang language can be picked up
by anyone easily. The message which can be taken out from this advertisement can
be very offensive and it has created a negative impact on the supporters of Zomato.
How a small misunderstanding can create such a disaster?

I know, the world is voting it on the
parameter, where some consider it as a clever ad campaign while others take it
as an offensive campaign. Now, the turn is yours,
decide whether it is the sharp business method or is it instigating emotions?

 Mr. Suhel Seth recently tweeted
on this advertisement

Shame on you @ZomatoIN ! Absolutely shameful what you’ve attempted to do. Your investors
should be sickened by your behavior! @smritiirani : this is outrageous. @ascionline

Fabian Cowan,
president, Posterscope, an out-of-home agency from the stable of Dentsu Aegis
Network, says, “The MC. BC. ad is very catchy. Colloquialism, as a format
of marketing communications, has not been done too often. But when it has been
explored, it has been able to start conversations. This campaign has the power
to become a conversation starter. Outdoor, in general, is used for impact and a
lot of brands resort to visuals, which is good, but I still believe in the
power of the word/ the script, which is a long-lost art. We should see more
brands coming out with good, strong powerful scripts.”

To what extent can people think to make advertisements creative in this
manner? In my opinion this is really a bad idea although a clever idea of
playing with words. Zomato tried to improve its name in the society but failed
to do so and in return came up decreasing its fame.

With word play, witty creatives, puns about pop culture and political
pinches, while the campaign managed to grab eyeballs of commuters in metro cities
like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, they ended up offending others. Realising
that the advertisement  did not go down
well with people, Zomato ?Co-Founder, Pankaj Chaddah tweeted saying, “Hey,
while we didn’t mean to, we can see why it can be offensive to people, and we
apologise for it. We will take this ad down with immediate effect.

As mentioned earlier in the statement of Fabian Cowan “The MC. BC.
ad is very catchy”. In the world today, we talk about equal rights for men and
women, and respecting women at all times. How can people think this way?  Women and men must be treated equally. They
also live and breathe the same air and drink the same water, they have the same
blood. At the same time contribute a lot to the society how can people think
like this? All these kind of people must be punished severely. They should be
taught what the women feel. The advertisement has hurt the women all over
India, it has hurt their emotions and sentimental. All of us over here have
sisters and if not sisters we do have a mother. The advertisement is affecting
them isn’t it? Moreover it is affecting you. 

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