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In my school I attended many
management-related courses, including Computer Science and Information Management,
Introduction to Management that sparked an interest in me which other subjects
couldn’t. During my four years of high school I had a positive attitude and
developed good relationships with both classmates and teachers. Perhaps most
importantly, during my time in the school, I came across many of my classmates
who were finding it hard to tackle personal and professional situations. Because
of this, I grew patient and tolerant in demanding and frustrating situations.
Apart from working to help people in need, we also had opportunities for
self-reflection and growth, such as when we had disagreements with our bench
mates and members in the project team. In these situations, it was important
that I have patience and communicate clearly to mediate arguments and resolve
conflicts which I did not fail to practice. My work has provided me with
valuable knowledge and experience that will be of great use in my future
management-related work, where such communication skills are vital to success.

I’m particularly inclined to study at UK
due to its good graduate employment rates as well as its high student
satisfaction level. As a child I always wanted to go to a different country and
study as I feel that it makes a person more confident of himself and makes him
independent and strong enough to tackle real life problems. An academic student today is just as likely to work with a fellow
student with same interests halfway around the world as she is to team up with
someone down the hall. Ideas are as oblivious to national borders just like
hip-hop and smart phone apps but what one cannot learn in one’s own country is
another country’s culture and that is exactly what I wish to imbibe in my
personality as it will give me more than one perspective on things which is
vital for my individual growth and will help me gain an edge over my
competition. Studying in UK also attracts me because of
the university’s friendly atmosphere and incredible teaching methods and a
thing I cannot stop admiring is how well spoken and sophisticatedly dressed the
people are. 

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