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In order to make Egypt’s government work
better, faster and being more organized, Muhammed Ali carried out an
administrative reform. He first abolished the old system of the Mamelukes.

While he created a centralized system of the state. This new system as well
worked after European rules. He created the the War Ministry which was in
charge of the army and fleet. The Ministry of Finance collected taxes. The
Trade Ministry was in charge of monopolies and goods leaving the country.

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 The Ministry of Education established a number of schools and sent
students abroad to study in European countries. Finally, the Ministries of
Foreign and Home Affairs were formed. (Reimer) This made everything work more
smoothly. Before this reform everyone was trying to get everything done, for
example the people who collect taxes had to also be in charge of the army. Now
every section has it is own workers that have had some kind of previous
experience in the subject. Muhammed Ali divided Egypt into seven new provinces
or mudiriyas, at the head of which stood a governor. Who was a part of  the central government, he would carried out
administrative duties and collected taxes. He was also responsible for managing
government workshops and manufactories, and for seeing that the canals,
bridges, and roads were in a good condition. He made sure the timely sowing and
gathering of the crops. (Lutsky) This action or reform was a really smart move
from Muhammad Ali’s point of view since this was the government had complete
control over all the different areas in Egypt. 

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