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In the musical Hamilton the writers and designs designed the Hamilton costumes based on popular fashion and culture of the time. They also had some revelations to tie in modern day influences for some clothing items. In the 1700’s men in the colonial America typically dressed with light flowy white shirts, waistcoats, breeches (short trousers that extend to or below the knee), leggings and either a boot or small heels that buckled, and though many believe that wigs were popular in these days, the colonial american men did not wear them. Women of the colonial America wore a loose typically white shirts, waistcoats, breeches, stockings, dress coats. Waistcoats, before about the 1780s, buttoned just below the waistline and had a little skirt made up of of extra fabric. Coats usually were to the knee. Necklines were low and square.The clothing was modest yet modern for the time. We were trying to break away from the older ideas of fashion set by the British trying to set our own styles and trends just as extra proof and differences between the european world. Western fashions were daring and more free, another factor of freedom.In the play all of the characters follow these colonial fashions. With minor adjustments in color. In specific Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was dressed in a purple colonial american outfit. They selected a purple coat inspired by Prince and Jimi Hendrix. Both of these artists made statements just as Jefferson made strong statements to many americans at the time. Alexander Hamilton also followed the colonial America style as well with a slight pop of color in the second portion of the play. In the second half we get to see Alexander shows up on a bright green coat, helping represent money and how he created the federal bank. Lastly we have the King. King George wore a traditional British monarch outfit, this outfit help show how uptight and formal europe wanted to be.

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