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Important of Well Training Managers

BHRM575 Managing Human Resources

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By: Alaa Jradi

Ali Aoun

ID: – 31130223 –





Submitted To:
Dr. Hassan RYouness





Fall 2017 –



This Project displays a brief study
about the history of Bank of Beirut and the Arab Country. It shows the
important of well training managers. This project well helps many other banks
and companies to know about the performance of BBAC. Finally the mission of
BBAC is to completely satisfy their investors and customers.


















Table of contents

Introduction. 4
History: 4
Products: 4
Stock Price. 5
Study: 6
1.      Important of Well Training Managers: 6
2.      Advantage of well Training
Managers : 6
3.      The Bottom Line Necessity of Training Your Managers : 7
Objectives: 8
The Role of Human
Resource Department: 9
Training in Banking
Industry: 10
BBAC Bank Case. 10
Conclusion. 11
Recommendation. 12
References. 13












of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC) traces its origins to an alliance forged
in 1956 between three prominent investment magnets, the late Toufic Assaf –
entrepreneur, industrialist and politician, the late Nashaat Sheikhelard –
financier and businessman, and the late Jamal Shehaiber – financier and trader.
In 1977, the bank is already a landmark financial institution, with its
headquarters relocated to Clemenceau. In 2001, BBAC reached an 80% purchase
agreement with Capital Insurance and Reinsurance. The 2006 marked a major
achievement in the life of BBAC: the issuing of preferred shares of 50 million
USD to raise Capital to 77 billion LBP. Growth continued and a number of new
branches were opened in Lebanon to reach thirty-four branches countrywide. In
2009, BBAC made its second commercial banking move outside of Lebanon by
opening a regional branch in Erbil, Iraq



Personal Banking

o   Loans ( Housing, Educational, Car,
Personal )

o   Accounts (Wedding, Savings,

o   Cards (Electron, Gold, Platinum)

o   Insurance (Home, Private Car,
Personal Accident)

o   Services (Mobile, Online Banking,
SMS Alert)

Business Banking

o   SME Banking (Kafalat, ECO Business
Loan, Supported Loan)

o   Corporate

o   Trade

o   Services (Salary Domiciliation,
Collection Bills)

Treasury and Investment

o   BBAC’s investment services are a
powerful ally as you plan for your future. They bring you personalized service
from investment professionals who have been advising individuals and
corporations define and achieve their financial goals over the years. By having
a global scope and a disciplined approach to risk, BBAC achieves a comparative
advantage which is also supported by prime and multi-national counterparties.

Stock Price

















of Well Training Managers:

Management training can be a major investment for
many organizations, no matter their size. Some organizations may
have internal training programs, but these require continuous updating and
compensation for the developers and training leaders, however other choose to outsource
their training. Moreover, management training has the power to revolution organization
performance and create a pool of leaders who can take the company to the next

Advantage of well Training Managers :

An important factor in
employee engagement is the relationship with his or her direct manager. Moreover,
respected well-trained managers enhance morals; in return improved morals enhance
retention. We should not despite the fact that effective management training
prepares mangers to take control of day to day situation that will be
encountered in running a business. Once a manager understands the best way to
approach both common and uncommon issues in the workplace, he can handle these situations


3.    The Bottom Line Necessity of Training Your
Managers :

Bleeding edge
administrators can have the biggest effect on your association. A good or bad
influences representative execution and fulfillment, profitability,
effectiveness, turnover, and the general soundness of any association. On the
off chance that your organization is good to go to make a benefit, it’s a given
that putting resources into preparing is a shrewd move. Great administration
doesn’t simply happen. Supervisors don’t innately know how to deal with
sensitive staff issues or even how to adequately inspire representatives. Also,
skilled and compelling directors must be prepared to remain current on the most
recent updates in business laws, work environment security necessities and a
large group of different patterns. The reason your chiefs and administrators
assume such an essential part in the prosperity of your association is that
they are the ones who cooperate every day with your generation individuals.
Consider it along these lines: your creation individuals are really the last
hands that touch the item you are delivering. In the event that you need to
guarantee quality, at that point your creation individuals must be propelled to
deliver a quality item. They won’t do that, in any case, on the off chance that
they don’t have great administration.















The aim of this study is:

To Analyze
the performance of managers in BBAC

examine how the training practices affect the performance

study the HRM Process in BBAC









The Role of Human Resource

At bank of Beirut and Arab Country,
the bank is divided into two main department customer service and online
service where the HR management should play the big role between them in order
to avoid any problem occur  with
customers. Although the Online Service is new trend in BBAC Bank but they work
hard to improve the organization.


Training in Banking Industry:

In Modern banks business, the level
of service should be high and protected to let the customers feel safe and satisfied.
In other hand, high service depends on high training of employees. The weight
of bank depends on knowledge of employees, skills and services which lead the
bank survive to be on the top. Therefore, training is essential in two main ways.
First, it increases productivity while employees have both professional
knowledge and experience skills. Second, training motivates and inspires employees
by providing them with all needed information in work as well as it helps them
to recognize how important their jobs are.













BBAC Bank Case

According to Mr. Mohamad Abdul Sater
Senior HR Office and Mrs. Maya Fawaz HR Officer, the bank industry is focusing
now on services and online products that help the customers to feel free in
making transaction with the bank. Service quality is directly connected to its
staff quality and staff quality is highly related to the career development
practices a bank can use.

Bank is divided into two
departments: “Customer Counter Services” and “Online Customer Services”.
Counter Services should be known a days as Online Services in addition Online
Services have more tasks to do like marketing.




















The training process that BBAC Bank
helps to improve employee abilities and quality in a continuous way, bring them
professional knowledge and prepare them for future challenge. In addition,
training help the organization and employee by saving time and money on the
long run, having a good feeling about the company, and finally let them know
what they are doing.

In few words, untrained employees can cause many of the mistakes
listed above, and those mistakes and inefficiencies might be a cause for your
business to lose its customers.




















“Teachers teach and do the world
good, kings just rule and most are never understood”. Almost everyone who
builds a technology company –Online Bank- knows that employees are the most
important assets, since they get the required work done so your organization
can meets its business objective. Moreover, effective training causes to
“up-skills” or “multi-skills” your employee. In order to have more competitive
advantage on your competitors you should exceed the industry stands in





















Websites:  (history)  (market Rate)
(important of training)


Mr. Mohamad Abdul Sater

Mrs. Maya Fawaz

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