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In the next ten years, digital technology will greatly impact health care or human service because of the improvements that will occur on what is technically referred to as “pervasive computing” (Simpson, 2004).

Since this makes if possible to “communicate through increasingly interconnected networks”, the information of patients that physicians, laboratory technicians, hospital representatives need will already be accessible at any given time, place, and circumstance (Simpson, 2004). What new technological devices might be developed?The new technological devices that may be created/invented are the following: 1) “microtechnology and nanotechnology electronics”; 2) “micro-array lab-on-a-chip”; and 3) “implantable brain probes” (Allan, 2002). The first one, “microtechnology and nanotechnology electronics”, will play a large role in making the surgeon’s operations easier to carry out because such electronic device will be able to create “microrobotic grippers and tweezers” that are fashioned to function even to handle the most minuscule parts of the body (Allan, 2002).

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The second, “micro-array lab-on-a-chip”, on the other hand, has the capability of helping doctors to instantaneously scrutinize “fluids, cells, as well as, DNA structure” (Allan, 2002). This will help save more lives since it is speedy (Allan, 2002). Last but not least is the “implantable brain probes” which will play a large role in curing mental disorders (Allan, 2002). In what new ways will technology impact the day to day operation of healthcare and human service agencies?“Digital technology” entails devices that move promptly, meaning, the discovery of ailments possessed by an individual and curing it will be fast as well (Allan, 2002). References Allan, R. (2002). Medical Electronics: Technology Advances Will Revolutionize Healthcare. Electronic Design, 50(20), 64.

Simpson, R. L. (2004). Where Will We Be in 2015. Nursing Management, 35 (12), 38 – 44.

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