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As a result of the development the human lifestyle has become easier and efficient.

Unfortunately these benefits from development have come at a price, the price been environmental pollution. The developing process affects the environmental stability of the world in many different ways such as climate change, global warming and health hazards. With the intention of preventing or minimizing these negative effects, governments and other officials have brought forward many environmental regulations. These regulations have an influence on our daily lifestyle and on how industries operate.The history Of environmental regulations in Europe goes back to the 1 9th century when the industrial revolution took place. In 1 972 European officials introduced environmental policies with three main objectives.

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The main objectives were to prevent and reduce environmental damage, to support environmental stability and to balance the use of natural resources. Since then the environmental policies has been changing and affecting many industries around the globe. Some main industries include the building industry, automotive industry, manufacturing industry and aviation industry.Different industries handle environmental regulations using different approaches and the specific impact on the industry differs from one to another. Although the impact on the industries differ the general out comes by enforcing regulations will remain the same.

It is vital to look in to the bigger picture of global environmental protection rather than just concentrating on minor drawbacks which can occurs during the protection process. [EX. Environmental Policies,20TH] Environmental regulations also have a significant effect on the general public.

It is reasonable to state that environmental policies have changed almost very aspect of our lives. Presently more and more people consider been echo- friendly which can be seen from their decision making. There is a direct link between the public and the industries. If the industries introduce more echo- friendly products the public will appreciate them and will consume, the best example for this is the hybrid car. This scenario also works the other way around; if the public insist to have more efficient and echo-friendly products the industry will fulfill their needs.By making this connection stronger it will be easy to restore environmental stability and maintain it with less aggravation. Industries have taken many steps to minimize pollution and to prevent future pollution. This project will look in to the environmental impact on the aviation (aerospace) industry and how it will affect the future of the industry and it will also investigate where the aviation industry stands presently when it comes to environmental regulations.

Aviation pollution is highly experienced in and around airports. This is the reason why I selected this specific project.My future plan is to study further on Airport Planning and Management; furthermore my ambition is to work for my country “Sir Lankan”. Sir Lankan is a developing country which has less experience on the subject of environmental pollution which is another reason for me to select this project.

Objectives In order to make the progression of the project easy, the project is carried out in three main stages. This will also help to be on track according to the project plan; these three stages are illustrated as following. Stage 1 – This stage helps to get an idea on what the project is really about and gives an idea what to expect in the future.Stage one mainly involves general broad reading. Objectives for stage one is as follows. * Planning the project What is environmental pollution about * The history of the regulations established to protect the environment Critical analysis of environmental regulations * How environmental regulations effect the general public Environmental regulations and different industries * Future of the regulations * Introductions to aviation and environmental regulations * Any other general reading Stage 2 – The stage two helps to build up own opinions and gain more information on the actual subject.One other main objective in stage two is to think about possible applications for the project. The objectives for stage two is as follows.

Altering the project plan if needed * Regulations on the aviation industry * How the industry act according to the regulations * How different is the aviation industry when compared to other industries * Building up an own opinion on the subject * Possible applications for the project * Report submission (the planning report) Stage 3 – This is the final stage of the project where the possible application is developed based on own opinions of the subject.The reading done in this stage should be more specified on the subject. By doing research it is important to do an in-depth analysis of specific subject data.

By stage three he application of the project should be specifying a particular subject, if the application is too general or talks about many issues it will be hard to reach to a conclusion for the project. The objectives for stage three are as follows.In-depth reading on specified subject area (aviation) * Working on one specific application * Coming to a conclusion based on the specified application presentation on the project * Report submission (final report) Deliverables General aim of the project was briefly explained earlier in the introduction.

If it is to be recapped again, the general aim is to evaluate the impact by environmental legislations on the aerospace industry.For this particular topic there can be many end applications since it is a broad subject area, therefore it is important to narrow the subject matters into a one specified section and continue with the application. By the time the application is completed there will be some deliverables. To explain the deliverables a probable application is used. The application used here might not be exactly the same as the final application of the project since it is only an initial application. Application – Air Traffic (aviation) and environmental legislation What will be looked into?What will be found out during the project? ) * How airlines operate (in the EX.

and Global) * Growth of the air transport * What is the impact * What is the attitude from the airlines towards the regulations Environmental damage including the present past and future * What will be the future for the aviation under the regulation * Comparison aviation to other industries (environmental aspects) * Some other points ( manufacture of aircrafts/economy/other related pollutions) * Finally criticizing the analysis with the own opinion Deliverables change according to a selected application.One other possible application that can be use is to look in to the manufacturing of aircrafts, materials used and how waste is treated according to environmental legislations. In order to gain all the mentioned deliverables the project should be at the end of stage three as stated in the objectives. Since this project is still at stage two the deliverables might change as the project progresses. Literature Review (Findings up to date) The initial literature review was done in three categories which are, 1.

General (any industry other than aerospace) environmental issues and legislations.

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