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Marco’s was given the chance to tell her side of the truth on screen. The film was a perfect glimpse of the personality of one of the most powerful women during the sass. What Amelia said during her countless interviews throughout the entire film seems to contradict what actually happened in the past. Perhaps it was really how Mrs.

.. Marco’s saw the world, or perhaps it was Just simply because she dwelt on the past for far too long. Mrs..

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. Marco’s’ superficial and somewhat delusional way of thinking portrayed itself in the elm.First, she said that it doesn’t take much to be beautiful. This statement is very contradictory to her approximately 3,000 pairs of shoes and her too many dresses. There were also the different Jewelries and signature products that she owed. If it really doesn’t take much to be beautiful, then re-wearing simple dresses would do.

Shoes don’t need to be tailor-made to the color of the dress that she wore. She also adds that the people were happy whenever they saw how lavishly well she lived. But how could this be the case when there were so many protestors against her?How could people still feel happiness when they were experiencing thousands of deaths and abuse especially during Martial Law? She even said that the declaration of Martial Law was a risk of honor and reputation on the part of Mr…

Marco’s. But how could it be a risk? During the Martial Law, the Marco’s administration controlled the media, commandeered the courts, and imprisoned any enemies or anyone with the audacity to speak against them. People were actually given no choice but to accept the ruling since their rights was curtailed to some extent.During the filming, Mrs.

.. Marco’s is in her seventies. She probably misses her husband dearly, and she probably long for the days where she had power, riches and influence over the people. After all, she was also a governor. As shown in the film, she was successful in her peace talks with the president of Libya. She had great charisma that was able to win the hearts of people. But remembering only the past would always be difficult since it is similar to only seeing the front page of a paper.

You forget to flip it to the back page where another story unfolds.

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