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Imagine you are walking down a street and you watch as a man takes a puff of his pipe. Suddenly he falls to the ground dropping the pipe and clutching his heart.

A heart attack. That right there told you that cigarette prices should go up because they can change your appearance, cause disease and it’s not too late to stop.To begin your appearance changes as you smoke.

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Your integumentary system is altered causing yellow nails and different hair. Your breath stinks and your teeth are stained yellow because the tar stains and smells affecting your breath. Smokers also get wrinkly skin.

That happens because the chemicals in cigars age your skin. That sounds disgusting! Secondly, smokers are able to catch multiple diseases easier. Commonly it is cancer. The tar in cigarettes causes cells to die causing cancer. According to The Health Site, with graduated doctors,”We all have heard about the fact that cigarette smoking causes cancer. But if you thought that cigarette smoking only led to lung cancer you are quite mistaken. Smoking leads to cancer of the nose, mouth, larynx (voice box), trachea, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, cervix, bone marrow and blood.” Smokers also find themselves catching emphysema and coughing a mess.

Sometimes smokers get diabetes. They get it because their insulin has problems from the smoke and tar. BREAKING NEWS: It is not too late to stop smoking. If you stop your health will go up again. You have less stress because smokers have lots of stress. You also have more energy because cigarettes are depressant drugs. You even can live longer. Smoking shortens your lifespan but ditching cigarettes causes it to go normal again.

You breathe easier too because your lungs don’t get more tar in them. It even protects others. Others will breathe in the smoke if you do smoke but if you don’t no one will. Stop smoking and get better health. Some may say that smoking lowers the risk of death after heart attacks.

Sadly 438,000 people die each year from smoking(probably more). Some also may say that smoking lowers the risk of knee replacement… but it sure makes them brittle making it easier to break them. Cigarette prices should go up because they change your appearance, causes diseases, and it’s not too late to stop. Do you want to die early-or live long?

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