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Ilse Koch was known as the most notorious German war criminal.

It ishard to imagine that a girl people remember as a sweet, loving little girlcould turn into a horrific Nazi. What got her interested in the SS was the factthat she met her husband Carl Otto Koch there. Ilse Koch was a sadist and anymphomaniac other word known for a tramp. Koch was one of the worst Nazis outthere. She would torment Jews in the concentration camps by walking aroundwithout any clothes on and if anyone were to look her way she would beat them.

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What really horrified most was that Koch would create lamp shades out of humanskin. She would order the men with tattoos to line up against a wall with noclothes. Then she would proceed to walk along them and when she spotted atattoo she liked, Koch would tap it with her riding crop, a whip she usuallycarried along. Then that man would have been taken away by the guards and putin the hospital, where the doctors peeled of the tattoo. Soon enough when shegathered enough skin shades, she would have created her own lamps. The skinwould sometimes be used as gloves or even book covers as well.  After the death of her husband and World War 2ended, Ilse Koch moved away with her children knowing she would be caughtsooner or later. The strange thing was that she never went into hiding.

Especially after all the crimes she committed it was hard to believe she didn’ttry to escape. It was easier that way for the prisoners that did escape, to findher faster. She was caught and arrested, which ended her being in Jail. IlseKoch was charged with multiple crimes, that involved abusing the prisoners andcutting off their skin for items. Ilse Koch was sentenced to life in prison.Sadly, she had her sentence reduced with the help of the U.S.

military. She wasreleased on October 17th, 1949 only to be arrested by the WestGerman Government for abusing the prisoners. She was sentenced to life inprison once again and could no longer stand being in jail, so she had hungherself in her cell in 1967.


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