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The program should successfully ask the user to input his or her name. Then ask the user to enter his or her age. If they are older than 16 then they can drive a car. Display this message along with their name. Then end the program by stating the users name, and that it is nice to meet them.

Code?copy and paste (or type) your code below. You can also post a secretions of the program working if you would like. Print(“Welcome to the get to know your program”) name = input(“What is your name? “) age = into(input(“What is your age? If can drive a car! ” ) print(name) to meet you”) part B. Print(“Welcome to the get to know your program part b”) name = is your name? “) city = input(“What city do you live in? “) temperature = float(input(“What is the temperature outside? “)) if temperature>=61 . Print(“alt is nice where you live. “) print(city) print(“Nice to meet you! “) Conclusions:

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In conclusion the code I entered was successful. I did not expect coding to be based more off the human language as much as it is. However the smallest mistake can create a world of trouble when writing code. I am still undecided if I like the IDLE tool or not. So far notepad++ is my choice for writing code with the python shell. Coding can be a long process but as long as you can remember the language and terminology such as format, method, variables, indexes and slices etc… Then it appears to be less difficult. Student: Anthony Distension COOKIES Anthony P.

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