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IGN:QuranicAge:17What region are you from:NorwayTimezone:GMT +2Do you speak English fluently:Yes, I doDo you speak any other languages:I speak norwegian, and I do understand Danish and Swedish as they are very simular to norwegian speaking ect.

How active can you be per day:Monday: 8-11 hoursTuesday: 8-11 hoursWednesday: 10-13 hoursThursday: 9-13 hoursFriday: 9-13 hoursSaturday: 15-19 hoursSunday: 15-19 hoursWhat is your current playtime:My playtime on the forcide kitmap is currently 1 day & 2 hours as the kitmap has just reset! I will be grinding out the playtime when Im done with school on Friday 5th JanPrevious staff experience:PulsePvP AdminI’ve been an Administrator on the PulsePvP Network for quite some time. I learned most of the aspects of being a Staff Member on here. I started off as a Trial Moderator. I’d read the Staff Guide a couple of times, which included the ScreenShare guide aswell. I trained really hard on ScreenSharing and being Staff in general. I passed the “SS-Test” on my first try. From this point I could ScreenShare on my own. I got promoted pretty quickly from that point.

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This was because of my activity on the Network. I didn’t really learn anything from being a Moderator other than helping people in a quick, but efficient way. I got promoted again after 1 month of working really hard. This time to a Senior Moderator.

I did learn alot from this aswell, I had access to alot more commands, permissions. Such as unbanning people, checking who insided, rolling back bases. Sometimes an Owner or a Manager told me that I could do some ban appeals aswell. This was pretty interesting if I do say so myself. After 2 and a half weeks I got promoted to an Administrator. I was really hyped about this. It was just so cool! Sadly enough, the Owner sold the PulsePvP Network. I lost my Administrator rank.

So I ended up resigning. I had a really good experience of being staff here.FaithfulMC ModeratorI’ve been a Moderator on the FaithfulMC Network for around 2 months.

I did learn a lot of new experiences, such as how to see the different between an x-ray and a legit miner/player. I started off as a Helper and stayed Helper for about 1,5 months and then were promoted to Moderator where I had a lot of new commands and new permissions so I could help people with a little bit more stuff that I could while I was a Helper. I stayed Mod on FaithfulMC for about 2-3 weeks then I ended up resigning from the Network because school was a little too much stress for me during the schooldays. I did regret that I resigning a few months after but I knew I would most likely have been demoted for inactivity. I did learn some new commands that had to do with faction, and the staff members permissions around how to setdtr, set the regen timer on a faction.

I knew most of the commands, but some of them that I did not know. I did learn a lot of new commands on the FaithfulMC Network.Akami ModeratorI’ve been a Moderator on the Akami Network.

The Akami Network was Owned by Epicay/14p. I did make an application for their server and were accepted my their manager after a couple of days. I then was instantly promoted to mod after the interview. I did not get a lot of experience out of the server that I did not know from the past of being staff on other servers such as (FaithfulMC, OrtixPvP, PulsePvP). The server did launch, but after I was accepted I did resign from the Akami Network, due to the fact they only hit 20 players on SOTW and the Owner did not care about the staff members, and I did not feel like being staff on their server at all. When I did resign I think in my opinion I did the right choice.PulseHCF (2.0) AdminI’ve been a staff on PulseHCF 2.

0. This update had new owners, including the old owner Epicay // fits. I was an original Admin on the old PulsePvP, and one of the Owner gave me Moderator on the server has name was SquidlyPvP. I did learn a lot of new screensharing methods and I were promoted to Head-Mod within 2 weeks and then soon promoted to Junior-Admin in about 1 month, but I did not have that rank for long as I did resign, since the Owners started arguing and demoted and blacklisted all staff member that did not do ” shit ” to the server or them in general. I did learn a lot of stuff, but most of the experience I had while being staff on there I already have that before.I also got a lot of experience of being staff on Faithful.

I was staff on FaithfulMC for about 2 months and I did learn a lot of new things and new experience I did not know from the past! I did learn how to be quick in a mass move, since I had barely done a mass move before I became staff on FaithfulMC. I also got a lot of experience of how I should treat people fairly and not let donators, VIP’s or Famous/Youtubers infront of regular players on the networks!PurgePots Moderator+I was a Moderator+ on Purgepots for about 3 months, and the experience I did learn of that server was how to propely screenshare on a Macbook, and how to treat people equaly even if they had Famous, Youtuber or highest donator rank. I did learn that even if you dont have a teamspeak rank to your advantage does not mean you should have to wait hours until you get moved in ts, thats something really important that I did learn while being staff on Purgepots.FenixMC Staff ManagerI was a staff manager on FenixMC, this server was owned by Kappios, and my job on the server was to manage the staff member and make sure they did their jobs correct and that they did not abuse ect.

I was staff on their server for about 2-3 weeks before I ended up resigning since I did not like one of the Owner, he did control me around even though I had been there longer than him! I did feel like I was being ” fucked ” over and I did not like that. The overall experience I got from Fenix was how to run the staff team, and make sure everyone had a great experience with the staff team I put together.GreekHCF Platform-AdminI was mainly a Platform-Admin on GreekHCF! I were one of the Owners, but due to me and him arguing alot of said I just be Platform.

Admin instead! We were going to realse the server, but due to issues, staff betrayed us ect, we never realsed our server. I ended up resigning from the server, and the server has still not realsed! What I learned from this server was nothing in my opinion.Why should we pick you over someone else?:Patience:I do want to say that in my honest opinion, I do think when it comes to being a staff member on any server you need to be patience, and be able to control yourself and not stress too much. Let the people explain their situation so you can help them in the best way possible! That how I am as a person and I think its something good in my opinionTrust:I am a very trustable person, that don’t go around and tell what other people have told me to other persons just to make them feel sad ect. I want people to trust me and that we can have some good conversations and trust each other with some deep stories ect.

I like that people trust me and I am sure almost everyone can agree with me.Being Polite:I am very polite person, like when I join teamspeak I’ll be like ” Hey, how are you? ” and just be overall kind to them and let them know I take them and the job seriously. I don’t talk shit being people’s back!Mature/Professional:To be mature and professional is something that I think is required when you become staff on any sever. To be mature and take your job that you have been given seriously is very important for the community you are working for! I am very mature and professional and I take everything I do very seriously.Active:I’m a really active person and I am becoming even more active as the years goes since I get less and less schoolwork, and shorter and shorter schooldays wish means I can attend more time on Forcide, to make the experience for the playerbase even better as a active staff member.Helpful:I am really helpful to everyone around, even if I am not staff I try to help everyone that are asking questions in the best way I possible can, If I don’t know the answear of the question I will tell them what they can do, and let them decide if they trust me or want to take my advice.Honest:I’m a very honest person, I don’t lie about anything, I do respect what people tell to me either it’s bad or good.

I don’t like being the person who are not honest to people around me. I do want people to be able to talk to me and belive what I say.Efficient:I do think that to be efficient is a good thing when becoming a staff member on any server. I do my job quickly, but at the same time help everyone in the way that they are happy after, and I try not to delay and waste anyone’s time as much as possible!Loyalty:I’m very loyal to everyone around me either its a game or irl, I like to be loyal to the servers I work for, my friends, my family ect.

I do not just leave a server and talk shit about the server, I try my best to rise the server if I did leave them. I dont want either servers or persons to be put into bad light, so I stay loyal to them even though they might not like meWhat’s your Discord ID & #:BONGAY & #0728

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