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MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December, 2OO7 M S – l 1 : STRATEGICMANAGEMENT Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 700 (Weightage700/o) Nofe 3 (i) (ii) There are two Sections: SectionA snd SectionB. Attempt any three questions from Section A, which carry 20 marks each. Section B is compulsory and carries40 ,marks. (iii) SECTION 1. A Identify an organization of your choice. Explain how the technological and economic forces can present an opportunity as well as a threat to the organization.

. 2. Diflerentiate between business level strategy and corporate level strategy.

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Illustrate your answer with the help of an example and its relevance in the present context. M S – 11 20 P. T. O. 3. Explain the various steps involved in the Merger and Acquisition deals. Give suitable examples. 20 4.

Explain the methods and techniques used in strategic control systems. Support your answer with examples. 20 5. (a) What are the major factors, which are necessary to match the structure of the organization with the needs of the strategy ? 10 (b)Why is it necessary for the top management in a business organization to match the structure to the strategy ? 10 M S – 11 SECTION B 6. Assumethat you and your friend are investorsand wish to start a restaurantin the same city. You wish to cater to family food needs,whereasyour friend wishesto cater to the needs of people who pref. er specializedfoods like It continental,with nice surroundings.

is clear that both the businesses need different functionalstrategies. will How would you suggestthe planning and implementation 20 of functional strategyfor each restaurant? 7.Assume. that you wish to open a bookstore close to your campus. You have alreadyconductedthe market research to assessthe need for a bookstore. Assume that you belleve that any of the two generic strategiescould be’ for .

successful the bookstore : niche{ow-coststrategy and niqhe-differentiation strategy. Answer the following for both the strategies separately. (a) (b) What type of physicalstore should you create ? What kind of books would you have as the inventory of the bookstore ? What kind of in-store serviceswould you provide to customers? 20 (c) M S – 11 9,O00

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