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If You Could Build A Hotel Anywhere In The World Introduction Finally, I am allowed to build my dream boutique hotel by the beach. According to feasibility reports, the hotel is regarded as necessary to support to increasing demand for hotels within that premises. Although there is a slight impact to the environment, it is almost negligible. Therefore, the project will go on as there is a bigger need to build the hotel rather then not build it. 1.

What areas do you need to consider before the construction phase There are a few sources or technical experts that you will have to speak to or rather consult before you even go into the construction phase. Some of the technical experts to consult are: — Architect- Interior designer- Feng Shui Master- Environmentalist- Electrician – PlumbingArchitect The architect is one of the most important technical experts to see as he will ensure whether the structure is feasible or not. Also, he is there to consult with other technical experts, like that electrician and plumber to direct where the electric lines and plumbing can go through. The architect is also the person who will be designing the overall structure of the hotel.

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The entire skeletal and framework will be handled by the architect. The architect has to work closely with the hotel, interior, designer, architect, technical, building, shui, plumbing, plankton, master, entire, electrician, design, water, should, need, feng, room, experts, expert, ensure, consult, construction, butler, work, supply, structure, rather, properly, phase, certain, carpeting, call, before, waste

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