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If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.  In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a young group of English boys are stranded on an island and turn into savages.  The leader of these savages is known to be Jack Merridew. Jack Merridew is found responsible for Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies.  When Jack first arrived he may have been a sophisticated, well-mannered, chorister.  However by the time the boys were found on the island by the officer he was a savage. Jack’s main ambition on the island was to hunt. The first time he went hunting he couldn’t do it because of the enormity of the knife. By the second time he was so satisfied and pleasured by the feeling he couldn’t stop. He even started a chant that read, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” They said this when they would hunt for meat, including when they killed Simon. Only that they replaced the word pig with beast. When Simon was killed he was on his way to Jack’s feast, where Jack was planning to have Ralph’s orderly tribe join his barbaric tribe. On his way Simon realizes that the boys have mistaken the dead man in the parachute for the beast. Simon rushes so he can tell the boys the news. When he arrives the boys mistake him for the beast and kill him. As the boys are tearing him apart, Simon tries to explain to them that the beast isn’t real and remind them of who he is.  Jack had repeatedly said that if there is a beast we will kill it, in the past. So the boys got the idea to kill him from Jack. Also if Simon is screaming for his life, explaining to them who he is, why would they keep trying to killing him? I think it is because they were so caught up in how fun hunting was that they couldn’t stop. Jack had ordered them to paint their faces like barbarians, to reenact how they killed the pigs, and to dance. The boys were scared of Jack. The more savage he became, the more he is able to control the rest of the group.  Jack was so focused on hunting he didn’t care about building shelter, keeping the fire alive, or even getting rescued off the island.  Jack Merridew deserves life in jail without parole. This is because of his horrific acts on the island. His tribe managed to kill two boys, Simon and Piggy. They also attempted to kill Ralph by setting the island on fire, Jack’s orders. No one knows what happened to the boy with the mulberry birthmark either.  Since Jack is clearly capable of murder, it may just be him.  Jack desires power over everything.  When Ralph had won the election for chief he was very upset.  Afterwards Jack would continue to be insubordinate and eventually he was fed up and started his own tribe.  He would have them do whatever he said.  He eventually learned that he could use the boys fear of the beast to control them.  He also made sure that they were scared of him to stay in control. Jack should also be in jail so that Simon’s family would have justice. If he isn’t punished he may not learn his lesson and possibly keep damaging and slaughtering people. Jack portrays human’s unconstrained savagery. Even though I think that Jack should go to jail, others may disagree.  Other people may say that Jack is only about fourteen years old and doesn’t deserve jail.In conclusion, Jack is responsible for Simon’s death and deserves life in prison without parole.  Even though all the boys had a part in killing Simon, Jack is the leader and deserves to be punished for his horrific acts. Anyone is capable of change, even the decorous.

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