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If you know what existentialism is, then you know how
hard it is to think like an existentialist. The movie that I watched is “The
Perks of being a Wallflower” and the director of the film is Stephan Chbosky. The
plot summary of this film is that there is a boy named Charlie who just lost
his best friend. It is his first year in high school and he is very nervous
without his buddy. He goes though many ups and downs in his life but he
finishes his first year of high school and makes friends. I think this movie
was odd but it really showed the idea of existentialism because they focused on
absurdity, isolated and aloneness and focus on other ideas and not themselves.        

          The idea of absurdity is really
conveyed in this movie. One event in the movie that shows absurdity is when
Charlie remembers his past and wants to commit suicide. Charlie, the main
character, is speaking to himself and he is ashamed and guilty of what happened
in his past and doesn’t want to keep remembering the same event. Charlie
doesn’t want to rely on his past experiences and wants to move on. Another
event that relates to absurdity is when Charlie had to make friends that the
new school and it was very hard for him. He finally made some friends but they
were all seniors and they had to leave when the year was over. He was very
close to Sam and Patrick who were his best friends. Charlie was talking to
himself in his event too because he kept telling himself that he has to make a
friend on the first day and that his teacher couldn’t be the only friend that
he has. After his only friends that he had at the school left, he was sad and
he kept thinking about the past but then he started to think about the present.
This relates to the thesis because the film did show the idea of absurdity and
these events show it too. This film also shows isolated and aloneness.

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           The idea of being isolated and alone is shown
in the film by Charlie. Charlie shows it in the event when he is worried about
where he is and decides to just live his life. He is unsure if the people that
he makes friends with will like him or not. He is confused about so many things
in his life that he is alone. Charlie talks to himself which shows that he is
alone and he doesn’t have many friends because he moved on from middle school
to high school. Another event that shows isolation and aloneness is the time when
Charlie’s aunt abused him and his life was different. He was not sure what
exactly happened but as he got older, he understood. Charlie spoke to himself
about it and the doctor about his harassment issue. He talked to the doctor
about what exactly happened and then the doctor talk to him. After that he was
by himself for a while and away from many things. This relates to the thesis
because Charlie was very isolated in this film. There was another idea shown in
the film which was it focuses on other ideas not themselves.

          The film focuses on other ideas and
not themselves and Charlie shows some of these events. One event is when
Charlie lost his best friend and now he didn’t have a friend in school. He was
going to be all alone and he finally made friends. Charlie focused on other
things like Sam. Charlie was always thinking about other things and not himself.
For example, he told himself that he had to make a friend the first day of
school. If the teacher was the only friend that he made then that would be very
weird. It could be because he didn’t want people to judge him to not have
friends and be a loner. Another event that relates to the idea is when he had a
crush on Sam. Charlie was speaking to himself if Sam would actually like him.
He was very unsure and didn’t want to make the wrong choice. Charlie didn’t
want to just go and talk to her because that would be awkward. Charlie was
confused about what was happening. Then Sam and Charlie became friends and got
to know each other. Charlie figured out that Sam already had a boyfriend and he
couldn’t date her. This shows that they focused more on the other people and
not on Charlie which relates to my thesis. These are just some examples of
existentialism in this film.

          I believe that “The Perks of Being a
Wallflower” was a strange movie but it did hit the idea of existentialism because
it explained absurdity, isolation and loneliness and they focused on other
ideas not themselves. Overall, this movie was weird but wasn’t the worst movie
that I have seen. I wouldn’t recommend this movie if you don’t like intense

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