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If I were to describe myself, I would divide myself into two parts. The first part, the mind, embodies my logicalthought and decisions, whereas the second part, the heart, characterizes my feelings and emotions. Whenever Imake a decision in the physical world, they act as advisors.

My mind gives me idea, the heart then gives, usually,a completely different idea. Very rarely does it happen that the two agree on something. That is where the Istep in. I act as a mediator between the two and decides whose notion will be implemented.My logical side, on one hand, demands challenge. Like the warriors of old, it cannot stand to remain idle andconstantly searches for a worthy foe.

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Whether it be robotics, puzzles or a complex math problems, it thirsts forcontest. However, it is to some extent cruel; to it, sometimes the end justifies the means. It prefers to have aserious temperament and does not possess a sense of humor that I know of. My heart on the other hand is theopposite of my mind. It is like a monk in a faraway temple; preferring to perform tasks in a slow, relaxed manner asit believes rushing it ruins the beauty of the task.

It is very kind towards others and prefers to see their better sides.Although not as effective in an exam as the mind, it prefers to work in a team and believes in things like honor andloyalty.The problem throughout my life was that I could never find a balance between the two.

When I took up robotics forexample, my mind was satisfied. It felt fully challenged by the complex circuitry and the mind rackingprogramming, but over time due to the constant repetitive errors, my heart grew bored and thus so did I. I gave upthe thought of it as a life career and shifted it to a hobby. Likewise, when I tried video-games, my heart wasecstatic and relished in every moment of it, but my brain felt that it was not justifiable use of my time, so Idiscontinued my dream of being a professional gamer.

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